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Spell check of power

Correct spelling: power

antilogarithm, powerfulness, analog, origin, billet, industriousness, magnetism, fossil fuel, personnel, ability, broken, stoutness, preponderance, recharge, government agency, spunk, mass, office staff, sovereignty, index number, regency, primacy, causation, seniority, formula, source, firepower, jurisdiction, empowerment, advocator, role, capacity, animation, authorization, logarithm, cordless, world power, energy, differential calculus, cube, snap, cogency, affect, spot, increment, part, root, control, zip, dart, subtrahend, world, wealth, dominance, greatness, indicant, motivate, will, plenty, alternating current, agitation, stability, clutch, let, pack, passion, prowess, much, potency, zeal, biomass, protectorate, grasp, autocratic, minus, mastery, peppiness, dominant, cycle, powerful, outpace, sturdiness, toughness, vivacity, rein, eagerness, potential, violence, strong, spark, aided, trigonometry, rouse, barrel, military unit, vim, federal agency, authorize, predominance, divisor, zest, might, prepotency, rank, indicator, hasten, mightiness, death grip, bias, burn up, ardency, verve, importance, exponent, creator, right, profusion, lustiness, monarchy, crank, activate, multiplicand, warrant, algebra, former, biogas, relish, agency, cube root, earnestness, coefficient, index, reason, vigor, federation, authority, world-beater, square root, sinew, post, cause, radix, agent, faculty, restraint, biofuel, actuate, and, supremacy, fitness, steam, flood, spirit, less, flash, important, friskiness, advocate, animate, endowment, pep, powerlessness, fervency, influential, algorithm, proponent, male monarch, kingship, power-assisted, activity, stamina, democracy, vitality, fire, arc light, domination, military group, firmness, assisted, clockwork, gallop, resistance, AC, punch, talent, hold, say-so, potence, tycoon, idle, numerator, big, berth, revive, gift, coercion, mandate, actor, coal-fired, spring, go, designer, integral, dominion, grind, weight, experience, speed, denominator, sight, direction, prestige, compulsion, force, active, invigorate, zing, formidable, bureau, rule, coordination, great power, office, ascendancy, motivation, monopoly, strengthen, minuend, law, prerogative, pile, entitlement, superiority, excitement, enthuse, condition, pressure, prejudice, fuel, carte blanche, place, excite, huskiness, iff, nation, management, commission, abundance, mogul, major power, horsepower, multiplicator, heap, index finger, autarky, function, clean, privilege, king, auxiliary, government, fountain, eject, republic, agitate, fraction, proficiency, built, sprightliness, factor, puissance, license, coax, engagement, pull, grip, lot, exuberance, surge, title, influence, arm, authoritative, skill, credential, precedence, forcefulness, quadratics, clever, enfranchisement, reciprocal, empower, competence, oligopoly, birthright, backfire, multiple, sway, race, automatic, duress, automatically, multiplier, brownout, clout, hegemony, calculus, position, dictatorship, arc, causality, leadership, fervor, liveliness, energize, endurance, get-up-and-go, enthusiasm, commanding, military force, flick, engage, absolutism, geometry, business leader, top executive, reign, muscle, dividend, superpower, clutches, action, over, effect, thew, antecedent, motive, cut out, business office, plus, situation, brawn, modulus, effervescence, forefinger, quotient, supreme, lead, omnipotence, strength, high-powered, baron, drive, command, mountain, occasion, peck, arithmetic, predominate, agility, purview, fly, big businessman, enliven, precedent, virility, author, athleticism, capability, charge, master, gas, aptitude, stature, gusto, force-out, peak, originator, magnate, oligarchy, discipline, country, burn.

helplessness, consequence, incompetence, incapacity, inability, inefficacy, uselessness, outcome, impotence, incompetency, disability, fruit, incapability, impotency, incapableness, product, ineffectiveness, end, development, effect, ineffectuality, outgrowth, weakness, creation, inaptitude, paralysis, event, issue, inefficaciousness, powerlessness, result, inaptness, ineffectualness, ineptness.

Examples of usage:

1) With all his power he held himself and would dare no more. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) Where is his power? - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

3) Is it by way of trying her power over me? - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.