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Spell check of tiresome

Correct spelling: tiresome

mind-numbing, drab, stodgy, prosaic, sluggish, windy, leaden, dull, slow, softened, humdrum, heavy, colorless, wordy, muffled, tame, irksome, dry, dumb, commonplace, muted, depressing, monochromatic, jading, long-winded, dense, drudging, old, unexciting, mundane, wearisome, monotonous, uninspired, numbing, tedious, ponderous, verbose, stuffy, tiring, thudding, obtuse, dreary, uninteresting, dusty, weary, deadening, boring, arid, ho-hum, stale, trivial, pedestrian, flat, excite, dim, drear, weariful, insipid, jejune, wearying.

captivating, amazing, intriguing, sensational, hair-raising, absorbing, astounding, provocative, attractive, eye-opening, diverting, entertaining, spectacular, wondrous, inspiring, rousing, arresting, thrilling, marvelous, rip-roaring, awesome, enthralling, attracting, moving, exhilarating, riveting, interesting, charming, surprising, energizing, suspenseful, fascinating, fabulous, stirring, enlivening, entrancing, involving, tantalizing, gripping, galvanizing, bewitching, wonderful, spellbinding, electrifying, invigorating, engrossing, mesmerizing, animating, breathtaking, stimulating, amusing, engaging, alluring, enchanting, touching, exciting, beguiling, astonishing, poignant.

Examples of usage:

1) I intend to make love to you all my life, though I shall be careful not to make myself tiresome. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.

2) We had been talking of the dull monotony in the life of the patients here; of the tiresome sitting about in the winter garden. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

3) " It is sometimes very tiresome to develop a conscience," she said. - "Girls of the Forest", L. T. Meade.