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Spell check of thrash

Correct spelling: thrash

puzzle out, castigate, mosh, thresh about, switch, club, put away, buffet, smoke, flap down, sky, defeat, run away, assail, slash, drub, vanquish, turn tail, skunk, paste, bomb, squirm, twist, paddle, lace, trim, maul, jiggle, bruise, strike, fit, bury, lam, overpower, toss, jig, discard, run, bludgeon, flail, rawhide, skin, slog, do, overwhelm, bhangra, fly the coop, pitch, scarper, wax, baste, cast away, fiddle, birch, reward, acid house, steamroller, bung up, belt, jactitate, fib, cut down, toss away, moot, flagellate, hit, scourge, work out, flutter, batter, break away, writhe, trounce, escape, lather, bash, blow away, bebop, cast out, lap, clobber, mill, bang, welt, background music, beat, stoneground, malt, worst, cream off, cast aside, punch, millstone, snow under, lambaste, shellac, slate, thrash about, figure out, whop, contortion, blues, convulsion, solve, bluegrass, twitch, smite, backing, bastinado, backup, wriggle, cowhide, curry, spank, hammer, throw away, belabor, punch out, fidget, smother, acid jazz, pound, fidgety, assault, swing, throw, toss out, tan, flog, conquer, bat, win, beat up, stun, throw out, leather, miller, smash, ambient, discuss, whup, squiggle, rap, rout, flip, convulse, chastise, lick, pummel, surpass, mess, smack, mill wheel, gash, scat, thump, attack, take to the woods, lap up, work, fling, wiggle, rough, tromp, skim, pommel, massacre, pelt, whale, slam, smear, hide, talk over, husk, slam dance, wallop, lay into, thresh, punish, flatten, knock out, words, toss around, head for the hills, kick around, horsewhip, crush, lash, dust, whomp, annihilate, strap, hightail it, move, chuck, overcome, chuck out, whip, work over, skim off, dispose, contort, bunk, cream, flounder, cudgel.

fall, unwind, surrender, relax, fail, go under, go down, calm, still, rest.

Examples of usage:

1) I'm going to thrash you, von Erstein.

2) I'll tell him to thrash you if you bother them.

3) Did you thrash him?