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Spell check of trash

Correct spelling: trash

internal-combustion engine, malarkey, fruitcake, remove, fiddle, guff, exhaust, disallow, dreck, garbage, chip, redneck, silliness, cheese, dispose of, rigmarole, nuts, field glass, deadwood, shatter, water ice, looking glass, tag, jettison, nerts, money, flapdoodle, bilge, blarney, frappe, starter, quarrel, drain, hoodoo, chicken feed, debris, slush, nut case, tommyrot, disapprove, discharge, goods, deoxyephedrine, replace, over, frippery, muck, emit, blah, vent, drinking glass, ice rink, altercate, blither, nut, offal, pan off, gimcrack, methamphetamine, twaddle, deny, meth, senselessness, rags, folderol, churl, grouch, frosting, stupidity, crop, mutilate, rout, tear apart, tell off, junk, ice-skating rink, bosh, spilth, gimcrackery, tomfoolery, censure, hogwash, eradicate, truck, dregs, Dumpster, baloney, refuse, cut, horsefeathers, chaff, deep-six, rubble, sediment, eat away, pan, landfill, bunkum, punk, glass, spyglass, blacklist, ragtag and bobtail, hooey, scum, rascal, raffle, fudge, pan out, bull, castigate, DREG, grump, eject, eliminate, lop, disgorge, abandon, oppugn, sweepings, dispute, dust, jilt, check, peasant, waste, attack, drool, effluvium, spew, laywoman, excrete, chalk, parody, sparkler, chop, ashcan, applesauce, garbage can, scrap, wish-wash, belch, dustpan, throw away, litter, unwashed, idiocy, dross, chamber pot, vomit, crosspatch, fleck, stuff, bin, riffraff, hillbilly, taradiddle, balderdash, methamphetamine hydrochloride, filth, dog, dump, shear, jazz, scratch, white trash, residue, trumpery, rot, exclude, curtail, obliterate, slash, excise, codswallop, ruin, rabble, foolishness, bit, flake, nonsense, blatherskite, rabblement, frill, erupt, shoddy, piffle, snip, knowledge, ravage, blather, slop, aristocracy, screwball, odds and ends, e-waste, ashtray, humbug, reject, argufy, crackpot, proletariat, hoi polloi, devastate, icing, crank, ice, leavings, crock, rag, cull, offscouring, slag, glassful, rich, crapola, hokum, discard, bar, shed, flannel, remains, do away with, secrete, excess, disclaim, bedpan, moonshine, blackball, layman, vandalize, bunk, poppycock, harangue, fiddlesticks, fighting, shabu, humbuggery, fight, tosh, combat, fiddle-faddle, lumpenproletariat, apple sauce, rubbish, clip, cesspit, destroy, evacuate, dustbin, exude, seep, sleaze, tripe, claptrap, drivel, help, savage, folly, beans.

find, plum, rationality, booty, A-list, catch, salvage, sense, society, horse sense, gentlefolk, nobility, gem, goody, common sense, quality, treasure trove, upper class, pearl, discernment, sensibleness, elect, upper crust, levelheadedness, judgment, wisdom, aristocracy, reasonableness, reasonability, establishment, prize, valuable, peerage, trove, gentry, elite, jewel, treasure.

Examples of usage:

1) To avoid hunger and thirst he took a cup he found in the trash and begged outside the park. - "Corpus of a Siam Mosquito", Steven Sills.

2) They always spent all their money upon other people's trash and then said they could not afford to help on your own books! - "Helena Brett's Career", Desmond Coke.

3) De white trash dey have nuffin to say, But to work! - "Letters of Major Jack Downing, of the Downingville Militia", Seba Smith.