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Spell check of pass on

Correct spelling: pass on

dole out, intercommunicate, allot, sink, lend, continue, establish, state, disperse, advance, subject, exit, elevate, distribute, will, leave behind, defer, expire, dish out, come about, flip, come on, apply, go past, make pass, lapse, kick downstairs, open, get ahead, put forward, further, top, render, build up, take place, go across, guide, die, pop off, hand out, make headway, accomplish, pass around, trade in, get behind, overhaul, finish, pass out, get out, judge, progress to, terminate, bottom out, get through, pay, get on, delve, assist, determine, submit, classify, bargain, wrap up, collapse, transcend, pass off, gain ground, put in, deal, kick in, bowl over, croak, keep, happen, go away, checkmate, travel by, afford, go through, give out, bequeath, slip by, feed, work up, set ahead, raise, relegate, propagate, moot, consecrate, succumb, allow for, fleet, culminate, nurse, contribute, bar, appraise, pass by, overtake, gift, administer, have, give-up the ghost, fall out, go out, cut into, benefit, allow, drop dead, upset, conduct, occur, halt, commit, strain, extend to, go around, decease, authorise, go forth, conclude, communicate, get hold of, move on, give, strive, chip in, buy the farm, cave in, break, clear, beat down, devolve, mobilise, bounce back, draw, grant, carrier, carry on, pass, mobilize, channel, eliminate, close, elapse, touch, transmit, supercharge, stop, choke, bestow, bump, overstep, founder, fall in, glide by, cause, convey, throw out, kick upstairs, hand, swap, upgrade, lot, reach out, knock over, slip away, roll, resign, shape up, part, pass away, deliberate, debate, circle, tump over, hap, boost, get along, bring, diffuse, promote, egest, cease, build, leave alone, sacrifice, cross-fertilization, make, extend, flip over, make it, move over, yield, achieve, run, circulate, fall, broadcast, march on, win, exceed, turn over, return, carry, finalize, reach, snuff it, stagger, get to, legislate, clone, throw, accede, hold, add, dedicate, help out, put across, tip over, dispense, authorize, present, overturn, consider, cross, forget, pull ahead, bring forward, entrust, encourage, disseminate, deoxyribonucleic acid, go by, blow over, proceed, change hands, demote, dig, climb, end, devote, pull up stakes, infect, progress, result, kick the bucket, circularise, cheapen, come along, cross-fertilize, mete out, complete, go on, conk, posit, cap, perish, parcel out, give way, deal out, capping, decide, leave, turn, exchange, fade, develop, come up, provide, go, slide by, attain, lead, chromosome, support, give in, reconcile, generate, trade, spend, bow, cloning, evanesce, contact, commune, help, ease up, cash in one's chips, surpass, hit, gain, banish, impart, shell out, arrive at, excrete, go along, depart, spread, circularize, take.

fall back, recede, retire.