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Spell check of peace

Correct spelling: peace

agreement, placidity, pink of my John, rest, cessation, concord, sympathy, recreation, nonresistance, order, calm, contentment, patience, relaxation, hiatus, accord, interwar, paradise, disturbance, two-eyed violet, union, comfort, comity, warfare, untroubledness, intermission, equilibrium, amity, conciliation, pause, pacify, pacification, quiet, truce, cease-fire, cold war, ceasefire, congeniality, harmony, tranquility, neutrality, privilege, love-in-idleness, friendship, the good life, calmness, leisure, tranquil, wild pansy, lull, repose, highlight, dovish, unanimity, public security, fight, chime, poise, mollification, consonance, orderliness, brotherhood, peace of mind, slack, restfulness, cool head, ataraxis, still, ease, slumber, hush, stop, war, heartsease, euphony, quietude, balance of power, unity, sleep, stay, agitation, control, composure, reserve, counterinsurgency, peacefulness, low gear, equanimity, detente, luxury, friendliness, serenity, silence, stillness, reconciliation, field pansy, slowdown, armistice, quietness, placidness, peaceableness, love, freedom, tranquillity, quiescence, compatibility, high ground, nonaggression, sereneness, peace treaty, self-possession, distress.

desperation, divorce, breach, anguish, antagonism, jumpiness, disturbance, action, desperateness, perturbation, unfriendliness, hostility, hatred, stress, dread, tension, alienation, contention, unrest, dismay, strain, severance, distraction, nervousness, dissidence, schism, battle, movement, hurly-burly, excitement, tumult, unquietness, apprehensiveness, tenseness, anxiety, anarchy, jitters, scission, foreboding, uncertainty, turmoil, vexation, incertitude, misgiving, fighting, hubbub, distress, clamor, presentiment, noise, disquiet, fear, apprehension, state of war, combat, alarm, upheaval, agitation, discord, worry, fearfulness, antipathy, strife, doubt, stir, dissent, racket, pandemonium, warfare, discomfort, dissension, uneasiness, restlessness, uproar, anxiousness, rupture, discomposure, suspense, disorder, enmity, edginess, war, variance, estrangement, motion, trouble, consternation, conflict, commotion, care, rush, din, work, upset, concern, bustle, torment, toil.

Examples of usage:

1) Sit and eat in peace. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) It seemed there was no other place where I could rest in peace of mind. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) It entered into him and lay upon his soul, speaking of peace. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.