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Spell check of pass

Correct spelling: pass

freeway, slip by, go bad, delineate, dip out, extend, passage, overstep, caput, sally, transpire, go away, develop, flunk, course, relapse, drive, throttle, crag, avenue, angle, adieu, scat, debate, resit, road, down, draw out, continue, come through, fade, excel, take back, belong, constipated, palm off, quarter, crown, cease, part, sound, breathe, channelize, outgo, counterfeit, carve up, take in, depict, strain, make pass, gnarl, find, draw off, obviate, reap, work through, hunt, repay, flume, get, extinguish, chap, shed light on, route, blow over, ecstasy, flow, distinction, high road, run short, asphyxiate, release, come off, bring in, cracking, live, put through, turn over, come to pass, demerit, drop dead, work, summersault, flip over, headspring, die out, strive, shunt, recommendation, become, follow through, withdraw, overcome, snap, pull in, right, exonerate, manner of walking, travel, drop, sweep over, adopt, somersault, achieve, abolish, close, reelect, AI, saddle, street, knock over, relay, fall out, fret, have, pull out, reach out, pass on, D, sack, move, fail, vortex, bend, go, distribute, depart, run for, brink, channel, case, authorisation, gap, better, foreland, E, pull back, play, blend in, transit, fall back, gorge, touch, formulate, going, kloof, flutter, gag, car-pool, surpass, expire, spell, blend, mutter, authentication, carry out, backhand, shot, blast, puff, back up, goodbye, accrue, get in, annihilate, spree, present, card, au revoir, end, fleet, give back, bowl over, push, pursue, absorb, convey, divulge, downgrade, authoring, overtake, loss, track down, overpower, way, highway, pathway, outstrip, croak, exit, drop down, tend, keep, do away with, hark back, settle, ball, endure, chip, direct, devour, protract, capitulum, bye, thread, suffocate, walking, swirl, bid, enlighten, follow out, pronounce on, exchange, building permit, return, arrive at, clog, snick, exsert, top dog, quip, throw, scarper, chip in, progress to, good-bye, range, light up, track, bedwetting, get going, give, thoroughfare, precede, kick, elapse, driveway, col, go along, revert, strike, contribute, bechance, come out, succumb, hand down, tump over, rifle, decriminalize, fill, backdate, outshine, ravine, deteriorate, bursting, smash, get hold of, brighten, cronk, ABEND, commit, sneak off, grumble, realise, turn, give way, artificial intelligence, give out, line, dive, hand on, turn into, force, run, question, cap, apply, survive, remove, advance, full marks, abrogate, ascend, abduct, rule out, shine, conk, languish, attain, read/write head, big, diversify, head, batch, pass by, conduct, transfer, fling, decimate, passing, be, somersaulting, amendment, budge, base on balls, deliver, sink, attitudinize, bridle-path, swap, lean, put across, twirl, roll, modernise, progress, run out, press, fare, founder, expand, go out, branch off, heading, manhandle, render, slump, start, breathe out, lavish, decrease, earn, precipitate, straits, cover, run low, consume, transgress, pass away, hold, take, A, go game, expressway, result, grant, pop off, score, crystalise, black market, linn, pose, straighten out, dry up, tornado, propel, go-by, thruway, assoil, hug drug, realize, run through, ply, evacuate, lead, authorize, break, locomote, stand out, accept, defile, come up, gain, buckle up, spend, reach, offering, maneuver, wither, go through, part with, scrag, die, avoid, eviscerate, mark, clear, corner, put out, whirl, prolong, put in, expiration, carry off, scissure, journey, come about, escape, refund, relegate, crystallize, guide, offer, walk, tour, subside, twisting, hit, criminalize, gill, check out, passageway, collapse, modernize, submit, upset, fissure, occur, make it, materialise, crossing, light, report, change hands, round, overhaul, hurl, relocate, comment, excrete, travel by, clear up, trek, approach, overtaking, circumvent, prevail, ease up, traverse, help, glide by, sound off, bypass, forge ahead, roadway, afford, head for the hills, background processing, drumhead, string, top off, implement, unfold, choke, wend, nick, move on, melt down, visa, diverge, swoon, congest, limiting, guide on, bomb, pitch, promote, passing game, moderate, header, paseo, block in, eliminate, constipation, go past, widen, stir, tip over, take up, good day, pinch, generate, authorise, liberty chit, air, impart, notch, sanction, pay, happen, nous, so long, take place, lam, egest, leave, delivery, spread, change, manoeuvre, hunt down, escarpment, good-by, go under, extort, moot, graduate, headway, turn tail, bump, flip, increase, boulevard, connect, brief, consider, whelm, chair, fountainhead, artery, put off, lane, take out, exhale, departure, degenerate, execute, get through, acquit, come back, betide, follow, emit, come at, open, hook, make, draw, delve, demise, feed, bequeath, egestion, chief, gulf, backslide, terminate, sack up, bus, commotion, knock, outrun, campaign, unravel, arrive, disco biscuit, follow up, admission, hightail it, adios, fall down, go into, express, catch up with, devolve, furlough, dribble, die hard, fracture, dig, deal, hang, arrivederci, licence, last, function, strait, gift, C, stretch, bootleg, qualify, authorization, trace, communicate, direction, lessen, amend, passport, confirm, enter, march on, wipe out, manoeuver, kick the bucket, cave in, GPA, cheerio, point, fall in, shave, outmatch, chance, imbibe, gallop, forefront, actuate, dry, befall, suck up, detour, deliberate, transmit, unclutter, riposte, recall, crystalize, permit, cut, disembowel, bowel movement, proposition, order, steer, auf wiedersehen, incline, hold out, fall off, school principal, overwhelm, carriageway, sneak out, turnpike, affirm, disclose, head word, cleft, sayonara, surmount, consort, trade in, wisecrack, describe, fall, solve, modification, highroad, broaden, couloir, foist, yield, advise, net, permission, ticket, A-D conversion, legislate, access time, become flat, pull round, plump, tell, encounter, somerset, hold up, pike, experience, exceed, retrovert, gulch, hand over, divide, row, murmur, top, call, overturn, come across, live on, cross, walk of life, sop up, give-up the ghost, point out, beat, defraud, accomplish, shoot, head teacher, recidivate, alpha test, change down, pass off, path, mark down, pass out, B, break away, draw in, strike at, sneak away, convert, convolution, summerset, alley, come, honest, commission, get across, articulate, fly the coop, bunk, flit, trip, come in, proceed, cut into, elucidate, box in, buy the farm, go far, move over, break down, headland, dip, oral sex, bleed, dart, bifurcate, impersonate, bury, walkway, run away, mind, be given, consecrate, slide by, fit, melt, alter, pass around, trespass, fulfill, pall, catch, operate, shift, posture, bye-bye, brain, ratify, regress, blackmail, working papers, evanesce, put into, channelise, see, stretch forth, outperform, outdo, tie, bring back, extend to, clog up, crevice, get to, toss, poke out, choke off, sacrifice, contact, raise, commune, codify, peregrinate, stall, illuminate, confront, get rid of, top out, fob off, drag, race, get out, lapse, time, come down, cranny, discharge, establish, circumnavigate, play along, dedicate, go down, speak out, turn back, snuff it, expend, stifle, transcend, kick in, brae, diminish, soak up, twist, rejoin, knowledge, conk out, go on, eradicate, exculpate, attract, draw and quarter, ladder, hap, rid of, grade, steal away, law, pull, circulate, decease, intercommunicate, kick off, push on, descend, principal, mountain pass, come to, F, suggestion, crystallise, conduce, devote, foul, pull through, carry, psyche, sort out, promontory, reject, cash in one's chips, change into, abet, ensue, perish, stretch out, spin, retrogress, qualifying, goodby, approve, laissez passer, passing play, walk on, crest, persist, crack cocaine, take to the woods, cristal, best, warrant, trade, hand, empower, remark, faint, license, carry on, retake, cairn, slip away, materialize, state, come on, masquerade, winnow out, arterial, shuffle, strangle, go across, cast, slide down, retort.

failing, flush it, running, flunk, bomb, be born, fail.

Examples of usage:

1) We know mysteries which the Israelite could not guess of the means by which this was brought to pass. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus", G. A. Chadwick.

2) Then he fell back so that she should pass in before him. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) At the door of the shed he stood back to let Larry pass. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.