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Spell check of wedge

Correct spelling: wedge

pose, snips, auger, rack, chock, chisel, posthole auger, charge, shoehorn, drill press, hacksaw, box, stapler, plane, numbfish, cotter, table saw, stay put, squash, jointer, wrecking bar, jigsaw, Cuban Sandwich, scroll saw, pressure, gravel, stupefy, emery wheel, tweet, fix, lug wrench, posit, fiber, shears, shove, beat, bury, coerce, wedge shape, sub, mystify, pinch, saw, crate, stick by, embrace, tie, stick to, hank, mill, hale, zep, hired gun, perplex, poor boy, shooter, dumbfound, squelch, get, pipe wrench, cram, cloud, lodge, ram, ball-peen hammer, crush, press, vex, bench drill, hug, caddy, paladin, stick around, hedge trimmer, cling, ripsaw, sting, coping saw, cold chisel, mallet, band saw, stand by, shovel, tire iron, triggerman, fog, calipers, bogey, sledgehammer, ace, froth, hitman, Italian sandwich, compress, buzz saw, gouge, drive, tool, handsaw, hit man, chain saw, fibre, monkey wrench, hoagy, screwdriver, trowel, welder, vise, square, radial arm saw, bind, constrict, thrust, knot, wring, accommodate, bank, bed, circular saw, level, force, embed, extort, wrench, contract, puzzle, stick, file, grapnel, cuneus, stuff, crosscut saw, twitch, billow, machete, punch, bosom, spanner, tie up, gun, bow saw, planer, compact, hatchet, torpedo, hammer, nonplus, keyhole saw, awl, fighter, sandwich, block, draw, grindstone, bunker, hoagie, crowbar, arc welder, flummox, pliers, stay, drill, pigboat, amaze, bewilder, claw hammer, twinge, storm, do up, crampfish, pull, back saw, knife, impel, entomb, bag, situate, foam, hold fast, jam, spade, push, submarine, grinder, pick, buckle, molar, chain, prong, hacek, sickle, gunman, bond, spoke shave, bogie, birdie, cleave, wedge heel, submarine sandwich, bottle, baffle, jackknife, pickax, quoin, champion, gun for hire, scythe, squeeze, backswing, axe, hero sandwich, scissors, hero, miter box, adhere, edger, machine, center, lathe, shim, cleat, tin snips, cohere, splice, bomber, mash, gunslinger, electric ray.

dislodge, free.

Examples of usage:

1) Richard listened, lingering as Larry wished, appalled at this revelation, until they arrived at the edge of the crowd around the door, eagerly trying to wedge themselves in wherever the chance offered. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) The launch was riding a mile or more off the shore of a wedge- shaped island perhaps three miles in length. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

3) Another man who had joined them was endeavouring to hammer a wedge in, but with that crushing weight against him the attempt seemed futile. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.