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Spell check of grapnel

Correct spelling: grapnel

fastener, go-between, seal, wrestler, band, bracket, gouge, bond, circular saw, middleman, clamshell, machete, lock, spanner, grindstone, grappling iron, tack, clasp, rivet, anchor, pin, grappler, pick, spike, clinch, hatchet, pipe wrench, hawser, shovel, grapnel anchor, buzz saw, mallet, stitch, hacksaw, guy, lace, staple, link, clamp, binding, hitch, snips, scroll saw, brace, latch, rabbet, splice, calipers, weld, nail, cinch, back saw, vise, monkey wrench, knitting, mediator, connector, plane, screwdriver, planer, wrecking bar, vinculum, awl, buckle, sickle, jigsaw, fuse, belt, closure, wrestle, hook, binder, knot, cold chisel, pickax, axe, cement, grappling, chisel, emery wheel, shears, medium, jointer, braid, hasp, scissors, hammer, strap, tie, mucilage, welder, cotter, agent, wrench, trowel, miter box, pliers, ligament, catch, clip, twine, fastening, file, paste, punch, bolt, crowbar, claw hammer, coupling, cincture, wrestling, sledgehammer, bonding, string, wedge, glue, cleat, level, auger, hinge, hand-to-hand struggle, handsaw, chain saw, stapler, tool, grappling hook, skewer, suture, stay, thread, brad, knife, saw, matman, zipper, band saw, drill, grapple, jackknife, square, button, chain, ripsaw, tire iron, spade, scythe, snap.

Examples of usage:

1) She went on the rocks about ten fathom beyond where our grapnel lies. - "Menhardoc", George Manville Fenn.

2) As Cerizet walked down the rue Montmartre to regain the Estrapade quarter, he puzzled his brains to divine who that little old man with the curt speech, the imperious manner, and a tone that seemed to cast upon all those with whom he spoke a boarding- grapnel, could be; a man, too, who came from such a distance to spend his evening in a place where, judging by his clothes alone, he had no business to be. - "The Lesser Bourgeoisie", Honore de Balzac.

3) The boat was pulled up alongside, Ned and four of the men got into it and rowed down the port into the Old Haven, and out between the two forts guarding the entrance into the Scheldt, then dropping their grapnel, baited some lines and began to fish. - "By Pike and Dyke: A Tale of the Rise of the Dutch Republic", G.A. Henty.