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Spell check of turn

Correct spelling: turn

lick, pass, sophisticate, case, charm, move around, crimp, caper, hike, degenerate, genius, distort, go game, impulse, warp, meander, habitude, change shape, grace, while, work, unblock, pervert, wrestle, bring out, turn back, look, spot, upset, beltway, divert, lighten, crouch, twisting, cloy, head, turn into, central reservation, construction, bias, eject, Plough, chisel, ferment, spring up, deviate, backtrack, give up, curvature, contort, action, spell, tip up, debate, renegade, trudge, emergency, course, exercise, sport, crook, swordplay, relinquish, wriggle, release, exhaust, swirl, bust, dramatic play, period of play, twist, acidify, unit of ammunition, suit, acidulate, dash, good turn, adjustment, coil, uprise, penchant, apply, bend, end, gimmick, alter, boulevard, change state, enchantment, patch, hitch, squirm, material, produce, spin, cut into, frolic, tendency, thing, branch off, predisposition, lift, predilection, gambling, gray, deflect, round, minute, activity, agonize, wrick, cover, curdle, publish, morsel, solve, bow, change form, countermand, rise, figure out, retreat, derange, apostatize, decay, deviation, device, shape, knock over, card, wheel, knead, indulgence, plication, file, reach, flexure, maneuver, puzzle out, blacktop, rotate, plait, wind, turn away, aptitude, turn of events, circuit, putrefy, cultivate, forge, second, crossing, range, playing period, shatter, shake-up, stroll, subprogram, rung, seek, issue, transpose, unloose, gaming, avenue, moot, tear, persuade, change by reversal, crest, propensity, bypass, come up, chip away, move, treat, better, bill, venture, modus operandi, byroad, operation, transformation, dissect, chop, act, cast, back, arch, one shot, unloosen, come in, hug drug, do work, draw back, override, crane, develop, moment, crumble, fit, writhe, strain, mutate, acquire, gambol, change, malefactor, concentrate, flip over, tend, fester, overrule, pain, angle, partiality, offer, figure, twist around, turning, shift, numeral, rupture, reform, bout, worm, delve, bicycle lane, influence, trust, flake, divide, veer, deed, bending, boon, go, run down, bilious, juncture, dedicate, fleck, deepen, byway, cristal, chip, dip into, convert, channel, let go, circulation, dig, evolution, carry, bid, dull, consider, invert, repertoire, child's play, pivot, balance, disco biscuit, overturn, rat, fork, piece, brighten, bone, rescind, wrench, bleed, siege, pass on, go off, carpool lane, number, unfreeze, routine, straight, bloated, burrow, break down, adjust, anatomize, bike lane, trek, affinity, carsick, acetify, become, direct, accomplishment, desert, gyrate, stand aside, call on, skim, put to work, buckle down, cower, revolve, toss, mosey, come over, curtain call, tergiversate, circle, gyre, be, manoeuvre, consistently, shimmer, handle, beat, dissolve, cut, revoke, jolt, repeal, crease, pull, orbit, cycle, circumnavigate, rick, gyration, disposition, bit, procedure, round of drinks, grow, exploit, effect, bowl over, service, diverge, ramble, aid, extend, repetition, loose, free, bring, intermission, bring up, yield, focus, drama, go into, run, wring, telephone number, outlaw, travel, deteriorate, offend, maturate, glance, proclivity, stave, shtick, free rein, annul, arise, spoil, flail, circumvolve, unsettle, demonstration, like, pull away, convolute, surprise, troll, swing, put out, bend dexter, set, opener, sour, roll, fright, discharge, stoop, refract, part, address, flex, B-road, criminal, work on, benevolence, disintegrate, flick through, finale, kindness, bite, twine, looseness, raise, binge, vacate, hook, hand, inflection, sprain, mo, originate, double over, scatter, access, biodegrade, kink, braid, shepherd's crook, wax, function, secrete, tump over, connection, arc, resign, decompose, tour, blunt, farm, identification number, overthrow, courtesy, regularly, diversify, rotation, trend, grand finale, deal, rot, level, bestride, camber, spiral, make for, mould, artery, tress, chase, turn over, fold, break, connect, approach, duty tour, browse, drill, defect, mellow, chuck up, crisis, fade, bleach, seizure, airsick, constantly, mature, mold, point, lay, sharp, round of golf, flip, train, deform, felon, pirouette, zero in, phone number, twirl, burst, repair, magic spell, enactment, reverse, perish, ascend, winding, disorder, circulate, look at, form, about-face, submit, blacken, plow, crop, act upon, revolution, human activity, back away, romp, modify, cloverleaf, tip over, get, enlistment, shrink, liberate, term of enlistment, give, encore, appear, tour of duty, cast up, health, human action, detour, saunter, bifurcate, alteration, play, curve, expel, avert, change into, fun, scrap, molder, displease, resort, interval, bent, mortify, affection, walk, trance, scan, correction, fling, collect, taint, wreak, process, devices, disgorge, rhythm, operate, vary, devote, deliberate, fracture, corner, make, refer, let go of, ecstasy, tilt, used, chicane, thrive, whirl, eddy, aim, perambulation, mercy, work out, catch, look through, wander, constitutional, come, daily round, incline, feel, blow, climax, leaning, subroutine, amble.

disinclination, allergy, relief, disinterestedness, unconcern, dislike, insouciance, remission, disfavor, nonchalance, neutrality, disliking, indifference, hurdle, impartiality, arrest, apathy, unbend, aversion, obstacle, impediment, objectivity, disrelish, distaste, interference, hindrance, averseness, detachment.

Examples of usage:

1) Though a turn of the path brought them very near, Lingard was so absorbed in what Athena was saying that he did not see Wantele and Miss Digby. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

2) It was her turn. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

3) It's your turn first, you know. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.