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Spell check of become

Correct spelling: become

effect, frame, bugger off, blend in, live, form, last, be, pay back, choke, create, amaze, catch, father, cash in one's chips, distort, incur, receive, served, mystify, pass, belong to, beget, perplex, give out, became, call on, occasion, pass away, kick the bucket, break down, pop off, plough, ornament, nonplus, befit, diversify, run short, stimulate, change, vex, get down, run, speak for itself, expire, fail, bring, grace, make out, beat, perish, move, take, stupefy, begin, croak, die, perform, suffer, embellish, agree, benefited, fix, experience, engender, induce, sprain, hold out, establish, arrest, set out, compel, buzz off, function, puzzle, fashion, sound, alter, rick, release, feel, generate, display, behoove, reach, proceed, operate, produce, suited, turn, pleased, snuff it, mother, bring forth, sustain, acquire, require, flex, agree with, exit, please, scram, fit in with, look, conk out, contract, belong, fabricate, come over, convert, gravel, arrive, twist, change state, dovetailed, commence, do, live up to, tend, grow, spoil, obtain, depart, convey, dovetail, live on, beautiful, fit, suit, set about, go, drop dead, conk, flatter, extend, capture, reverse, blend, adorn, bewilder, travel, wrick, appear, measure up, benefit, detract from, drive, draw, make up, get going, run low, go into, serve, work, dumbfound, start out, mature, heighten, enrich, go bad, endure, force, rifle, aim, satisfy, execute, lead, decease, qualify, enhance, manufacture, get, shape, come, find, sour, plow, constitute, break, bend, locomote, set off, baffle, correspond, pose, come up to, buy the farm, give way, make, stick, compose, bring about, deform, accommodate, move around, wax, change by reversal, give-up the ghost, go with, constrain, turn into, fetch, cause, match, flummox, match up, beseem, ferment, have, garnish, get under one's skin, construct, satisfied, sire, change into, pay off, go away, turn over, shift, fitted, conform, let, survive, hold up, start, plump, wrench, develop, render.

be, continue, remain, stay, abide, linger.

Examples of usage:

1) The look in your eyes told me what I had become. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

2) You don't know- I couldn't tell you just how- impossible- this marriage of mine has become. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) But I wonder what can have become of the others of our party? - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.