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Spell check of office

Correct spelling: office

pip, brokerage, fair, share, assurance, prerogative, maculation, fleck, placement, responsibility, federal agency, license, devoir, section, clinic, auditorium, component part, note, stock exchange, contribution, component, faculty, asset, shoes, embassy, authorisation, inaugurate, top executive, seniority, go over to, kindness, coatroom, chest, philanthropy, imperative, procedure, precedence, sanction, social occasion, profession, need, site, big businessman, dresser, percentage, cannibalize, rite, view, representation, theatrical role, part, from, stain, commitment, lieu, prepotency, role, locating, region, ritual, desk, purpose, home office, portion, credential, self-confidence, accept, superiority, body, subprogram, market, counter, checkroom, superpower, attitude, perspective, routine, berth, rank, blot, stall, topographic point, factory, position, mail, powerfulness, civic centre, spotlight, exchange, seat, establishment, command, oblation, tycoon, might, side, occasion, mapping, enfranchisement, depot, great power, stead, ceremonial, gig, stature, property, confidence, righteousness, mastery, mart, stint, consulate, chancellery, benefaction, plaza, empowerment, use, building, business leader, military position, ability, workplace, obligation, post, grocery, duty, ceremony, patch, head office, smudge, burden, map, authority, world power, clout, charge, chain, Corp., store, state of affairs, arm, appointment, postal service, sureness, chest of drawers, mandate, broking, favor, mathematical function, supermarket, city hall, business plan, self-assurance, place, bureau, customs, province, spot, capacity, bathroom, chamber, index, baron, sway, department, major power, council, primacy, work, office block, occupation, social function, strength, HQ, convenience store, force, warehouse, moorage, slot, business office, spatial relation, daub, book, trade, admit, blank space, delegacy, emplacement, affair, accountability, committee, touch, kingship, headquarters, board, shop, steam, co-opt, entrance, right, say-so, point, coat check, cabal, corporation, speckle, commission, cogency, line, dues, military post, home base, service, corps, voice, punch, domination, posture, short letter, administration, liturgy, observance, entitlement, mission, do, department store, belong to, positioning, slip, beneficence, space, smirch, courthouse, bit, the civil service, kindliness, dapple, job, class, government agency, purview, suite, room, incumbency, character, means, division, branch, authorization, apartment, station, emporium, influence, office staff, clubhouse, built in bed, guildhall, mogul, cloakroom, assignment, mightiness, exponent, bazaar, directorate, puissance, prestige, magnate, kind, parting, subroutine, army, consortium, title, beauty parade, mooring, market place, business, benignity, slur, king, location, birthright, billet, performance, situation, mail service, way, benevolence, sovereignty, coalition, dominance, piece, privilege, function, stance, status, potency, account, persona, stake, bunk, control, ballroom, home, chore, admission, power, give, task, smear, constituent, general headquarters, piazza, agency.

selection, stay, ease, choice, pick, preference, alternative, relief, grace, release, option, postponement, loophole, exemption, waiver, discharge.

Examples of usage:

1) Mother is going to the principal's office with me. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

2) Kent had no more than reached the office when Val rose, hoped that Manley would please excuse her, and left the room also. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) " Then," Acton said, " you can wait in my clerk's office until I'm ready to go over with you to Waynefleet's hotel." - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.