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Spell check of admit

Correct spelling: admit

concur, fess up, withdraw, aim, defend, recognize, lead, play, narrate, encounter, oblige, earmark, avouch, take for, co-opt, bare, ask, hold in, diagnose, pack, caseload, call for, remove, include, contract, keep, harbor, testify, leave, lodge, carry, promise, adopt, restrain, use up, deal, devour, meet, uncover, book, take on, support, apply, occupy, conciliate, check, adjudge, buzz in, fill, charter, sing, arrest, permit, rent, moderate, combine, notice, fess, take into account, expose, absorb, doctor, shoot, harbour, submit, realize, consent, live with, affirm, claim, belong to, have, entrance, state, engage, inaugurate, accord, confess, subscribe to, take aim, select, consider, bedside manner, go for, obligate, assent, aver, tell, keep back, differ, tackle, comply, lease, guide, allow in, profess, reserve, strike, suit, pocket, express, spill, bear, need, examine, take away, accede, enter, verify, undertake, commit, let on, assert, assimilate, contain, pick out, know, drive, gobble, film, propound, hold back, hold, study, take, consume, credit, control, receive, corroborate, engorge, obtain, allow, assure, look at, set down, plead guilty, relate, give up, let in, access, provide, knowledge, accept, confide, confirm, attest, endorse, from, acquiesce, validate, appropriate, eat, reveal, entertain, declare, open up, proclaim, let into, concord, reconcile, have got, pledge, gulp, choose, indicate, contend, throw, agree, guard, admission, ingest, approve, learn, sustain, deem, pronounce, read, communicate, avow, talk, eat humble pie, make known, acknowledge, set aside, bind, cop, hide, take over, accommodate, adapt, allow for, acquire, retain, go along with, inspire, certify, ratify, subscribe, defy, divulge, deny, receipt, concede, recognise, confine, nurse, get hold of, require, let, train, involve, warrant, cop to, postulate, get, direct, own up, inhale, tolerate, hold up, readmit, withstand, own, view as, yield, give, demand, curb, dues, harmonize, cure, fit, halt, intromit, take hold, countenance, hire, conduct, exact, prevail, coincide, necessitate, make, take up, bring, grant, adjure, convey, disclose, go over to, maintain, take in, take back, assume.

deport, ostracize, disavow, demur, veil, oust, ban, expel, banish, dissent, deny, differ, quiet, disown, disallow, cover, conceal, kid, shut, rebut, protest, decline, gainsay, oppose, refuse, disagree, dispute, negate, bar, contradict, reject, exclude, disclaim, shut up, exile, obscure, disapprove, clam up, dismiss, negative, throw out, hide, hush, turn down, blacklist, shut out, repudiate, refute, keep out, turn away, contend, blackball.

Examples of usage:

1) I trost that you have not forgotten your French during your 'oliday, when it opened quietly to admit Constance. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

2) Ah, that was different, I admit. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Miss Ballard, you admit that you saw Richard Kildene after he fought with his cousin? - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.