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Spell check of house

Correct spelling: house

rear, legislature, field of operations, theatre, cater, harbor, mansion, roof, dramatics, fashionista, bebop, fireside, signboard, mark, parliament, auditorium, theater, colonize, moviegoer, domicile, hearthstone, agency, the Brady Bunch, dramaturgy, accommodate, post, anchor, buffet, bear, nominate, fashion house, polarity, cabaret, mansion house, sign, pad, establishment, preindication, adobe, Count, fashion show, diggings, cafeteria, sept, augury, nursing home, people, plate, dwelling, suffer, cabin, account, concern, ancestry, homestead, foretoken, syndicate, catwalk, home plate, archduke, burrow, bar, baroness, acid jazz, acquisition, set up, category, put-up, dwelling house, digest, stick out, blues, race, backing, partnership, bunkhouse, boarding house, provide, congress, Chinese, phratry, hall, please, dwell, signal, feed, dig, backup, internal, bhangra, include, kinsfolk, fringe, erect, baronet, residence, haute couture, home base, inhabit, interest, lay on, folk, billet, affiliate, coterie, blood, extramural, folks, collection, big business, acid house, firm, nourish, carryout, line, support, kin, corporation, Goth, abode, class, countess, couturier, ply with, condominium, captive audience, can, group, brook, casa, castle, chalet, mosh pit, organization, tolerate, baronetcy, company, occupy, fashion, offer, lodge, community, catch, fit, stock, bungalow, villa, apartment building, have, chateau, apartment, clan, institutional, bluegrass, raise, aristocracy, business firm, endure, family, background music, fellowship, the, menage, contain, family unit, stomach, lineage, quarters, colony, kindred, backstage, apartment house, the biz, Court, place, stay, stand, baron, put forward, tin, audience, hearth, aristocrat, reside, planetary house, enterprise, dramatic art, kinsperson, excite, contents, quarter, crime syndicate, serve, rest home, roost, hold, council, apron, brasserie, box office, full house, star sign, hacienda, squat, kinfolk, bistro, canteen, take in, home, commune, balcony, backcloth, business, shack, outfit, habitation, blue chip, base, cottage, protection, household, manse, field, ambient, backdrop, consort, signaling, contribute, extrinsic, concertgoer, floor, sign of the zodiac, cafe, extended family, theater of operations, lodging, theatre of operations, abide, box, inner, family line, lair, domiciliate, tribe, great, aisle, mob, agent.

birth, descent, origin, pedigree, ancestry, extraction.

Examples of usage:

1) As your son I have a claim on the House. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) Does he wish to see the house? - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

3) The house has got to go. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.