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Spell check of book

Correct spelling: book

sustain, accommodate, roll, word of honor, earmark, hold back, give-and-take, Koran, lexicon, collect, concur, lowdown, serial, bind, playscript, documentation, hold up, notebook, gazette, folio, 411, defy, text, keep back, leger, bestseller, intelligence, chronology, copy, blank-book, fly, description, diurnal, report, agree, snap up, bevy, log, audio book, hand, blook, mass, manual, rag, review, storybook, menu, record book, watchword, parole, admit, business plan, invest in, diary, inventory, orchestrate, recital, inscribe, charge, apprehension, atlas, bank-book, registry, view as, withstand, catalog, agglomeration, account, arsenal, docket, itemization, tome, arrest, bulletin, album, anecdote, datebook, epic, workbook, prepare, deem, guard, statement, rule book, title, narrative, allow, census, tract, gallop, examine, business, appointment book, accountant, prevail, binding, batch, password, repertory, scroll, go for, waybill, purchase, paper, part, textbook, curb, import, chronicle, summarize, halt, baby book, journalize, enumerate, handbook, confine, bounty hunter, breath test, moderate, skinny, tip, detail, assessor, total, officiate, beauty parade, phonograph recording, intensity, accounting package, schedule, mag, newspaper, nurse, carry, logbook, accounting, play book, get, adjudge, dictionary, addendum, obligate, check, bill, invoice, recording, remember, brochure, tidings, assemblage, word, tablet, treatise, account for, collection, zine, contain, platter, reserve, restrain, accounts receivable, arrange, score, handwriting, set aside, verse, harbour, archive, buy, asset, opus, bespeak, throw, bulk, assembly, register, appropriate, memo, cannibalize, magazine, take hold, body search, make, concord, libretto, organize, count, biography, memorandum, artwork, take for, plan, annals, acknowledgments, sacred scripture, budget, al-Qur'an, summary, assortment, organ, set down, leaflet, countersign, ledger, defend, anthology, address book, appendix, hold, get in, oblige, harbor, place, yearbook, pamphlet, authority, afterword, annual, accounts payable, entertain, hasten, retain, insert, paperback, give, criminal record, writing, roster, outpace, history, bale, digest, set up, manifest, cashbook, take, tabulate, phonograph record, publication, scoop, body, tally, periodical, track record, chapter, broking, thesaurus, back, race, brokerage, monograph, calendar, file, bank, reprint, choreograph, itemize, buy up, support, capacity, engage, speed, Good Book, news, hold in, daybook, script, bible, Quran, booklet, words, write down, judge, commentary box, linesman, account book, Holy Scripture, surge, blotter, control, inside, have got, discussion, breathalyze, book of account, keep, pad, audit, Word of God, disk, enroll, document, bust, call, recordbook, censure, store, dart, novel, compendium, apprehend, note, volume, stage, maintain, cash book, obtain, enumeration, recount, Holy Writ, table, journal, accountancy, autobiography, convene, record, annual report, declare, work, newsletter, blurb, offprint, scrapbook, Scripture, apply, caller, sum, loudness, battery, edition, card, division, list, almanac, bear, index, treasury, have, acquire, disc.

ancient history, open secret.

Examples of usage:

1) " Ah," said Dorland, " that's what you get by book- larnin'." - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) With the book still in her hand she ran down the stairs, two at a time, to tell her mother. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

3) And the book, where was that, John? - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.