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Spell check of swan

Correct spelling: swan

yellowbird, nuthatch, slog, substantiate, woodpecker, confirm, magpie, upchuck, finch, mold, canary, rank, cassowary, grade, horned owl, grouse, blow, egret, wave, be adrift, sheldrake, flap, place, frame, redact, roll up, wind, plod, hurl, freewheel, jog, bird, sick, honk, goose, hurtle, cheat on, curlew, ramble on, parrot, turn over, cuckold, corroborate, emu, dove, drop, imprecate, stray, cockatoo, cuckoo, cast off, straddle, albatross, array, condor, sparrow, blaspheme, seethe, roll, songbird, revolve, say, browse, chickadee, barn owl, nightingale, stork, assert, turtledove, ringtail, pasture, robin, allege, starling, hummingbird, asseverate, float, myna, squab, maintain, raven, drift, partridge, sandpiper, footslog, ostrich, harrier, contrive, blue jay, osprey, bullfinch, affirm, heron, insist, throw, regorge, rook, ibis, quetzal, cast, regurgitate, flamingo, blackbird, couch, curse, bluebill, cuss, depone, road runner, redwing, jackdaw, plover, purge, be sick, control, booby, weaver, pad, support, waxwing, swear, weave, retch, hawk, wren, crested jay, crane, mallard, sustain, shed, oriole, snipe, vomit up, twine, pigeon, kingfisher, ease, lark, err, put, divagate, throw away, fall behind, put forward, mourning dove, thread, teal, rove, wander, disgorge, grosbeak, turkey, verify, thrush, duck, depose, puffin, meander, spoonbill, throw up, owl, cat, bank, pelican, undulate, avow, rely, peregrine, throw off, cardinal, whooper, dawdle, bittern, bluebird, aver, betray, bald eagle, eagle, sea gull, pheasant, trust, roam, draw, wrap, dodo, shake off, trudge, swift, spue, range, cormorant, cheat, mould, roll out, wheel, crop, vulture, ramble, parakeet, lovebird, crawl, pluck, chuck, creep, lay out, crow, set out, jay, macaw, dipper, tern, goldfinch, gull, penguin, redbird, spew, trumpeter, Canada goose, buzzard, avouch, grebe, mockingbird, project, digress, drop back, puke, trail, grackle, falcon, coot, graze, vagabond, hustle, run, vomit, order, loon, rate, peacock.

Examples of usage:

1) It might well be the " swan song" of a veteran artist at such work. - "Holbein", Beatrice Fortescue.

2) But a fragment or two and the drawings for them show how truly grand the two works were which Holbein had probably already intended should be his swan- song as Holbein Basiliensis. - "Holbein", Beatrice Fortescue.

3) The boat glided on as gracefully as a swan, and in a few minutes it passed through the jagged rocks that formed the mouth of the tunnel and floated into a broad, open river. - "Dot and Tot of Merryland", L. Frank Baum.