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Spell check of hawk

Correct spelling: hawk

bullfinch, radical, jingo, horned owl, crested jay, haggle, chaffer, flamingo, cormorant, free marketeer, congresswoman, bird, deliver, flip, turtledove, cassowary, bluebird, falcon, bald eagle, oriole, vend, kingfisher, parakeet, pelican, slobber, huckster, mockingbird, sell, Eurocrat, road runner, sparrowhawk, egret, nightingale, nuthatch, turkey, redwing, squab, plover, retail, thrush, sandpiper, salivate, tilt, goose, buzzard, duck, snipe, scalp, lovebird, yellowbird, shift, hummingbird, kite, sparrow, raven, teal, canary, war hawk, puffin, chickadee, higgle, albatross, magpie, peregrine, congressman, osprey, transactions, slope, penguin, solicit, grosbeak, elder statesman, open, redbird, sheldrake, sea gull, belligerent, ibis, emu, ringtail, kestrel, toss, militarist, weaver, cant, vulture, incline, pitch, condor, golden eagle, peddle, Canada goose, blackbird, monger, woodpecker, stock, pigeon, coot, bluebill, auction, set up, hawk and spit, cardinal, swift, ostrich, goldfinch, parrot, partridge, drool, wren, woo, myna, cuckoo, congressperson, grackle, chauvinist, jay, mallard, launch, blue jay, carpetbagger, heron, boost, push, grouse, waxwing, harrier, dribble, macaw, tern, rook, cockatoo, pheasant, crow, dodo, shut, bittern, barn owl, move, swan, cant over, peacock, clear the throat, jackdaw, lark, drop, gull, mortarboard, songbird, jingoist, lurch, robin, drum up, crane, pucker, sky, eagle, carry, starling, dove, quetzal, booby, finch, gentleman, stork, spoonbill, tout, conservative, gear, curlew, gentlewoman, owl, loon, mourning dove.

dove, peacekeeper, peacemaker, pacifist, peacenik.

Examples of usage:

1) Now the wings of death stretched over the entire caravan like a hawk over a flock of doves. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) The sombre eyes watching him with hawk- like intentness noticed the glance, and instantly turned in the same direction. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

3) The hawk- like countenance of Prospero peered over my shoulder. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.