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Spell check of subdued

Correct spelling: subdued

still, cushy, soothing, moderated, unpretentious, moderate, easy, wispy, pacific, muted, overcome, dim, sonant, trounced, black, eased, small, delicate, abated, flaccid, composed, triumphed, outdone, beaten, sober, easygoing, beat, bleak, mastered, shadowy, quiet, calm, gentle, plain, soothed, cooled, low, humbled, comforted, unflashy, smooth, lulled, unobtrusive, piano, won, routed, inobtrusive, diffuse, tranquilized, overpowered, tasteful, soft, dense, hushed, dumb, foiled, indulgent, vague, vanquished, overthrown, balmy, faint, muffled, toned-down, whipped, appeased, mild, slow, whispery, relaxed, conquered, obtuse, understated, innocuous, quieted, cool, flabby, tame, crushed, lenient, low-key, dimmed, dark, quelled, placid, conservative, softened, voiced, tranquil, unruffled, calmed, restrained, defeated, temperate, diffused, dull, mollified, low-keyed, captured, overturned, alleviated, repressed.

gaudy, baroque, ornate, noisy, graceless, rococo, vulgar, tacky, gilded, ostentatious, flamboyant, garish, loud, glitzy, meretricious, unrestrained, overdecorated, flashy, fancy, flaring, overdone, tasteless, wild, bright, inelegant, tawdry, frilly, swank, razzle-dazzle, trashy, unsubdued, light, overwrought, splashy.

Examples of usage:

1) She looked at the Judge a moment and subdued him. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

2) They were hardly subdued by the approach of death, though the unfortunate man must have felt it coming. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

3) He looked for a moment at the angry woman, and was subdued by her air of authority. - "The Maid of Maiden Lane", Amelia E. Barr.