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Spell check of standard

Correct spelling: standard

average, periodic, metre, measurement, yardstick, convention, pattern, mast, modest, step, workaday, bar, representative, general, quantity, benchmark, mould, newel, above, middling, stereotype, pennant, ensample, commonness, routine, received, precedent, predominant, banal, paradigm, measuring rod, ordinariness, mediocrity, checkered flag, midmost, cut-and-dried, gauge, normality, canonic, mirror, modular, recurrent, frequency, color, cyclical, familiar, measuring stick, beau ideal, median, characteristic, banality, mid, criterion, casebook, example, accepted, established, suburban, classic, level, law, regulation, mundane, continual, chronic, norm, universality, genotype, common, beat, predominance, timeworn, popular, predominating, gatepost, frequent, steadiness, nondescript, conventionality, post, conscience, prevailing, baseline, oriflamme, mullion, balustrade, run-of-the-mill, banister, advanced, aria, textbook, rhythm, mezzo, meter, criterial, archetypal, upright, normal, jack, constant, low, orthodoxy, carol, ethics, true, warning, exemplification, everyday, code, calypso, archetype, bill, measure, standard-issue, standardised, threadbare, orthodox, chanty, hammer and sickle, bench mark, good, moderate, conventional, well-worn, exacting, dominant, standards, high, typical, periodicity, anthem, traditional, trite, quality, epochal, prosaic, constancy, ideal, flag, hackneyed, criterional, prescriptive, Jolly Roger, cover, classically, substitute, sanctioned, prevalent, mediocre, regular, monotony, rating, prototypical, monetary standard, accustomed, authoritative, Christmas carol, Blue Peter, par, usual, canonical, ordinary, custom, banner, essential, commonplace, prototype, approved, banderole, Mark, medium, alma mater, recurrence, streamer, monotonous, tradition, modesty, type, measuring, garden-variety, halfway, flagpole, cadence, rule, baluster, ballad, old-hat, steady, mean, basic, tired, mensuration, condoned, amount, middle-of-the-road, etiquette, shopworn, stock, test, unexceptional, ensign, metronomic, sample, bunting, official, chorale, going, habitual, exemplar, quality assurance, rhythmic, unremarkable, touchstone, regularity, pennon, so-so, universal, definitive, banneret, standardized, morals, specimen, classical, model, acceptable, normalcy, normative, customary, stanchion.

funky, substandard, unprecedented, weird, nonrepresentative, conspicuous, kooky, salient, nonconformist, odd, scarce, freak, screwy, nonnormative, aberrant, inferior, peculiar, unnatural, outlandish, especial, singular, offbeat, special, anomalous, fantastic, wacky, extraordinary, idiosyncratic, curious, wild, strange, irregular, eccentric, quaint, recherché, noteworthy, exceptional, abnormal, prominent, erratic, unpredictable, deficient, unexpected, novel, funny, unusual, striking, unwonted, unacceptable, remarkable, deviant, freakish, unaccepted, distinctive, unique, untypical, oddball, outré, unexampled, unparalleled, rare, phenomenal, unorthodox, atypical, infrequent, signal, unpopular, unfamiliar, outrageous, quirky, outstanding, bizarre, out-of-the-way, bad, nonstandard, notable, uncommon, uncustomary, far-out, way-out, unknown, Kafkaesque, unconventional.

Examples of usage:

1) Had he bought such a poor copy simply because it was cheap, he would have fallen far below his standard as a collector. - "Fine Books", Alfred W. Pollard.

2) In the early days of printing all the standard works of the previous three centuries that could by any possibility be considered alive were put on the press. - "Fine Books", Alfred W. Pollard.

3) Let me take the sceptic's standard of what we should believe, and what we should not believe; that is, we ought not to believe that of which we have no evidence, and for which we can give no satisfactory reason. - "Memoirs of Orange Jacobs", Orange Jacobs.