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Spell check of high

Correct spelling: high

leading, inebriate, funky, academy, vast, proud, conservatory, acrid, powerful, pinched, eminent, blue, full, acute, big, juicy, shrill, necessary, degree, mellow, major, bicoastal, risque, frowzy, extravagantly, mettlesome, average, raised, adenoidal, huge, fresh, nasal, climactical, dependence, senior high, giant, shrieky, dense, higher, abroad, following, falsetto, stoned, dimensional, inebriated, postgraduate, happiness, Anglo-American, immemorial, heights, topmost, hovering, bulky, centigrade, lift, cheers, boiling point, alcoholism, stewed, exuberant, dearest, diminutive, nirvana, value, content, low, joy, altissimo, eighties, basket, high-pitched, comp, wallop, pickled, strung out, alive, last, eloquent, dominating, intoxicated, penetrating, lofty, crocked, altitudinous, choppy, church school, turning point, College, knee-high, fierce, heightened, soaring, reedy, teeming, gritty, community college, wiped-out, pleasure, convertible, high-priced, drugged, utmost, fetid, Drugs, naughty, shrilling, literally, euphoria, metallic, in flood, sopranino, mellowed, top, countertenor, continental, binge drinking, congested, change, pure, glad, king-size, calm, exacting, freshwater, standard, tremendous, delirium tremens, essential, new, highschool, elated, jumpy, special, overflowing, squeaky, crossroads, completely, high-flown, colossal, briny, gusty, luxuriously, contentment, perfectly, currency, substantial, classically, extraordinary, sky-high, busy, swollen, bulging, gone, high-topped, F., game, classical, steep, noble, over, high-top, tipsy, spiky, decimalise, depressed, amplitudinous, odorous, squeaking, force, abuse, Alcoholics Anonymous, creaky, bimetallic strip, gamy, plastered, aloft, commanding, wide, bombed-out, decimalize, cockeyed, base currency, watershed, stinko, hopped-up, bureau de change, tall, uplifted, high-level, lit, costly, boozy, increase, grand, elevated, serious, wasted, blind, C, heavy, potted, gale-force, Celsius, aerial, unrealistic, easterly, corpulent, coast-to-coast, crapulous, east, hooked, faint, peaky, highlight, biting, crapulent, soprano, crowded, Arctic, immense, high-stepping, style, pleased, malodorous, deep-sea, climactic, designated driver, satisfied, thrill, looped, spirited, ancient, pixilated, high gear, odorless, psyched, peak, bang, high school, measurable, packed, complete, musty, tight, nasty, boozed, cramped, flooding, Al-Anon, comprehensive school, American, carefree, central, the Beaufort scale, redolent, expensive, sharp, elation, considerable, chief, convent school, expansive, spunky, anglophone, odoriferous, enormous, significant, atmospheric, Fahrenheit, turned-on, clear, gentle, formidable, meaningful, common currency, spaced-out, piercing, distinguished, particular, precious, stinking, alto, smashed, lank, Anglo-Saxon, doped, loud, overlooking, in high spirits, high up, ecstasy, fundamental, contented, precipitous, key, vital, amply, coastal, kick, senior high school, richly, exalted, voluminous, racy, addicted, expansively, furious, graduate, zonked, absolute, bombed, especially, charm school, squealing, gigantic, climax, large, lavishly, unusual, delight, high pressure, jollity, cutting, flying, portly, boot, lanky, altogether, soused, breaking point, excite, fusty, blissed out, upper, AA, advanced, level, happy, tenor, sloshed, dear, Baltic, chunky, absolute zero, fluvial, icky, high-stepped, important, strong, jammed, sizable, besotted, great, laid-back, milestone, treble, tripping, spicy, boarding school, widely, screaky, extensive, piping, plaintive, sodden, screechy, towering, crucial, entire, above, short, laden, denominate, broad, uppermost, gamey, low-rise, shrilly, magnificent, long, cheerful, loaded.

degraded, low-pitched, low-level, contrabass, baritone, low, rock-bottom, mean, devalued, stunted, low-set, debased, depressed, inferior, reduced, deep, base, contralto, double-bass, lowset, underslung, fragrant, low-lying, alto, squat, dwarfed, throaty, low spirits, sober, bass, dejected, short, under, nether, down.

Examples of usage:

1) It was an opportunity of getting a footing in high places which a man of the world could not have overlooked. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

2) It was time, high time, she were here. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) At first I was glad to think I was going to high school. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.