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Spell check of shuffle

Correct spelling: shuffle

bolero, moonwalk, jitterbug, deal, mix, step, full house, rumple, scramble, weasel, rumba, rearrange, mazurka, euphemize, tango, scuff, tussle, contort, hike, litter, mingle, call, alphabet soup, flush, rummage, systematize, two-step, polka, fidgety, saunter, dance, prevarication, potpourri, unify, draw, coordinate, shimmy, hornpipe, mixed bag, miscellanea, macédoine, salad, amalgamate, make, bumble, fox trot, convulse, jig, mambo, desegregate, commix, ragbag, undulate, raise, convulsion, mix in, prioritize, amble, restructure, dealer, bungle, ripple, tumble, wander, limp, collage, clutter, twist, mishmash, crazy quilt, quadrille, tergiversate, blunder, lambada, marshal, combine, trek, strut, welter, codify, patchwork, menagerie, hotchpotch, salmagundi, equivoque, commingle, fumble, pass, hobble, euphemism, flail, Charleston, pastiche, omnium-gatherum, mix-up, polonaise, reorganize, integrate, stroll, hand, conflate, gait, motley, agglomerate, manage, coalesce, blend, hedge, goose step, hootchy-kootchy, stray, grand slam, hula, pussyfoot, clog, grab bag, bid, gavotte, ragout, shamble, fandango, ruffle up, operate, palter, see, lead, flounder, square dance, jambalaya, conga, pace, hodgepodge, can-can, ambiguity, merge, true, order, agglomeration, tittup, smorgasbord, tarantella, muddle, stagger, cakewalk, sashay, structure, thrive, clear, minuet, immix, olio, variety, mess up, cockle, fuse, tergiversation, mélange, marengue, botch, brand, patchwork quilt, weasel word, change, prance, equivocation, olla podrida, contortion, fit, courante, fluff, prevaricate, riffle, cut, jungle, stride, gallimaufry, pleat, fidget, tap dance, gumbo, flux, ruffle, cotillion, equivocate, stumble, assortment, turkey trot, meld, cha-cha, Highland fling, scrape, hash, cards, fudge, waffle, farrago, samba, allemande, medley, move, reel, flick, swagger, dummy, galliard, jumble, waltz, beguine, one-step, stew, shuffling, montage, shambling, walk, scuffle.

forthrightness, openness, directness, openheartedness, straightforwardness, frankness, plainness, plumpness, candor.

Examples of usage:

1) There were so many Indian children rolling around on the ground and playing with the flowers and the dogs that Dicky was indistinguishable until the war dance with its shuffle and stamp and muffled shout excited him. - "Ethel Morton at Chautauqua", Mabell S. C. Smith.

2) How did you manage to shuffle him out of sight? - "The Greater Inclination", Edith Wharton.

3) " I ought to remember Bounce's shuffle," answered Hetty. - "Hetty Wesley", Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch.