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Spell check of mite

Correct spelling: mite

arrest, bookworm, sprinkling, exigency, driblet, jotting, blowfly, shoestring, splash, scrub, cutaneous senses, gadfly, tiger moth, cockroach, granule, sense of touch, locust, scintilla, confidential information, bugger, suggestion, emergency, bee, big, aphid, two cents, contact, smack, feeling, ant, bug, apprehension, collar, scorpion, flea, spider, particle, smithereen, peanuts, tip, June bug, strain, clue, chigger, snap, silverfish, wasp, crumb, streak, dime, dram, undertone, jot, steer, spatter, blister, firefly, critter, fruit fly, trace, soupcon, housefly, dust, drop, trifle, ort, grasshopper, earwig, dash, touching, nit, fly, gnat, dragonfly, shade, cricket, boll weevil, tweak, beetle, tick, shrimp, horsefly, shred, lick, shadow, tittle, katydid, wretch, yellow jacket, breath, pygmy, tactile sensation, cicada, smidgen, millipede, fragment, wind, tsetse fly, dot, iota, itch, intimation, Tom Thumb, midget, bit, hapless, tinge, pinch, stinkbug, dab, mantis, diminutive, ounce, touch modality, touch, bedbug, spark, tactual sensation, whit, scruple, follicle, taking into custody, louse, moth, pinpoint, scarab, song, peewee, chicken, chump change, morsel, nip, runt, touch sensation, dung beetle, tarantula, catch, little, mote, butterfly, lead, chinch, scrap, hint, flour, chicken feed, ray, insect, black widow, ghost, modicum, daddy longlegs, termite, loser, horntail, cheese, minim, corpuscle, grain, tad, suspicion, pin money, bloodsucker, ace, mosquito, may fly, atom, bluebottle, speck, deer fly, spot, house, botfly, pittance, glimmer, element, midge, centipede, ladybug, praying mantis, signature, flyspeck, smell, skin senses, skosh, hay, molecule.

funds, heap, overmuch, overabundance, jumbo, scads, slab, titan, overflow, surfeit, bucket, lump, quantity, entirety, boatload, pile, superabundance, surplus, whole, gobs, boodle, lashings, abundance, fistful, pelf, deal, mass, mammoth, bushel, capital, much, means, barrel, mess, opulence, whopper, monster, behemoth, hunk, potful, giant, colossus, stack, lot, passel, raft, riches, aggregate, plenty, profusion, mint, bundle, heaps, bankroll, chunk, overkill, mountain, excess, whale, sum total, superfluity, leviathan, volume, mine, wad, sum, fortune, reams, treasury, oodles, wealth, loads, wherewithal, king's ransom, total, peck, oversupply, treasure trove, treasure, overage, bonanza, embarrassment.

Examples of usage:

1) This mite of being had dared to approach too closely- so he prepared for a leap, sitting with haunches quivering on his hind legs. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) Why, certainly, Mis' Fleetwood; don't you be the least mite oneasy; I'm your friend- I always have been. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) Don't you be a mite oneasy. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.