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Spell check of mannequin

Correct spelling: mannequin

homunculus, case, listening post, form, modeling, physical body, exemplar, soma, course, physique, awning, var., couturier, plate glass, bod, cameo, cast, simulation, build, pattern, fashion house, contour, sculpture, good example, carving, role model, manikin, variant, frame, molding, modelling, configuration, poser, phase, floor model, fashionista, statue, cash register, Goth, theoretical account, model, manakin, framework, figure, kind, strain, sort, house, human body, fashion model, word form, relief, dummy, shape, fashion, signifier, display case, material body, collection, figurine, cart, haute couture, grade, conformation, class, bust, flesh, chassis, bronze, catwalk, example, fashion show, mannikin, descriptor, anatomy, variety.

Examples of usage:

1) No acquirement she was ever likely to possess would greatly improve her circumstances; it would probably be the same to the end of the chapter- cash- desk, waitress, Earls Court- Earls Court, mannequin, and a private secretaryship with an offer of double wages. - "The Story of Louie", Oliver Onions.

2) 579. 56. Anatole France, Le mannequin d'osier, p. - "The Oriental Religions in Roman Paganism", Franz Cumont.

3) The slimness of her figure and a grace of movement which was particularly hers obtained her at last a situation as a mannequin in the show- rooms of a modiste. - "At the Villa Rose", A. E. W. Mason.