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Spell check of manifest

Correct spelling: manifest

exposed, tablet, license, intelligible, chronicle, show up, indorse, shew, confirm, gaping, schedule, index, betoken, support, noticeable, history, diaphanous, give away, homely, storybook, discernible, record, prove, daybook, ringing, lexicon, clear, crystal clear, convey, uncover, unembellished, table, illustrate, indicate, testify, documentation, translucent, roster, clear-cut, inventory, scroll, certify, validate, annals, unmixed, unequivocal, declare, take the stand, bald-faced, explicit, itemization, flaunt, depose, decided, accessible, journal, present, sum, calendar, pad, surrender, register, budget, establish, unadorned, avouch, patent, cash book, notebook, nonambiguous, unclosed, perspicuous, evident, uncovered, substitute, spare, digest, convince, unlocked, census, invoice, broad, enumeration, yearbook, salient, tell, waybill, identifiable, observe, personify, authenticate, unbolted, logbook, ostensible, observable, embody, bank-book, bald, bill, unmistakable, reveal, lucid, voice, catalog, store, evidence, perceivable, adduce, distinct, admitting, demo, evince, connote, display, ajar, personalize, appear, palpable, unpatterned, exhibit, unvarnished, summary, obvious, recording, docket, unveil, show, express, seeable, repertory, annual, unmask, seeming, body forth, novel, treasury, open-and-shut, album, plain, workbook, diary, bare, pellucid, unplugged, corroborate, document, endorse, unambiguous, registry, total, open, proclaim, perceptible, straightforward, objectify, score, state, conspicuous, menu, unimpeded, flourish, barefaced, account, book, licence, collection, march, offer, uncapped, incarnate, unornamented, count, unambivalent, attest, determine, file, limpid, unstopped, yawning, apparent, exteriorize, substantiate, scrapbook, dictionary, check, recount, visible, unobstructed, witness, demonstrate, exemplify, blank-book, tabulate, list, detail, render, luminous, tally, materialize, vouch, ledger, luculent, unmingled, roll, log, thesaurus, pronounced, bright-line, statement, bear witness, transparent, expose, agape, unbarred, communicate, sheer, externalize.

imperceptible, dark, indeterminate, enigmatic, gauzy, inappreciable, undecipherable, unreadable, opaque, clouded, indecipherable, cloudy, imprecise, sketchy, obscure, murky, illegible, indiscernible, impalpable, cryptic, foggy, noncommital, misty, dim, slippery, incomprehensible, unclear, nebulous, equivocal, turbid, nonobvious, ambiguous, unfathomable, subtle, unintelligible, mysterious, unclouded, indistinct, hazy, unknowable, unobvious, obfuscated, dubious, insensible, indefinite, unapparent, gray, vague.

Examples of usage:

1) No doubt there was value for all that in primitive times, and there would be value under a communism, though it would manifest itself in a different form. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

2) Try this sizing up things for two weeks, and the benefits you will receive will be so manifest it will need no further suggestion to make you keep up the practice. - "Dollars and Sense", Col. Wm. C. Hunter.

3) That it exists in manifest. - "Memoirs of Orange Jacobs", Orange Jacobs.