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Spell check of go down

Correct spelling: go down

ready, pass up, slip into, fail, position, conciliate, accrue, burn, be, devolve, slide down, befall, come, digest, result in, drop, bury, adjudicate, lessen, gear up, nail down, ensconce, commute, worsen, precipitate, come to, plunge, deteriorate, full-length, condescend, flow, boil down, determine, metabolise, subside, take root, captivity, prepare, resolve, break down, submit, submerge, ram, doss, fall down, barge in, draw, meet, stay down, roll over, metabolize, set, shuttle, rig, go under, custody, descend, drop down, settle down, specify, wane, attendance, drop out, strike, diminish, go, lower, square off, plant, come to pass, wax, elongated, fix, take place, cut out, call forth, countersink, bring forth, hitch, congeal, absence, shut off, finalize, run down, lose, go by, slip, gate-crash, sink, dunk, patch up, internment, surrender, derive, adjust, fall, absorb, burn out, concede, appease, hang, crater, break up, assimilate, decline, translate, give away, inside, mark, floor-length, cover, cook, coiffure, shine, deepen, coif, go out, transpire, decide, abbreviated, dip, splash, descend into, attend, coiffe, happen, detention, plummet, degenerate, full moon, rise, doss down, betide, come down, go off, dwindle, hap, duck, correct, shame, attenuated, locate, awake, pass, reject, audit, succumb, come about, eclipse, preventive detention, break apart, pose, turn down, cruise, fructify, lay out, refuse, bring back, remind, go up, dress, sic, spiral, enroll, condemned, steady down, lay, dash, foreshortened, hitchhike, get back, go on, settle, down, do, board, trigger, sicken, entrance, break, decrease, deign, come off, crash, localize, go in, put, custodial, slump, reduce, ingestion, captive, provoke, square up, bomb out of, leave, reconcile, shrink, limit, make up, stop, light, come up, finalise, root, jell, arrive, typeset, orbit, chance, lapse, set up, carry, enrollment, recall, long, return, unfold, fall off, arrange, define, occur, dishonor, localise, flood back, ride, absenteeism, place, swim, escalate.

come up, uprise, swim, lift, ascend, go up, float, arise, rise, move up.