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Spell check of gab

Correct spelling: gab

schmooze, discuss, recite, vocalize, backchat, prattle, rap, speak, jabber, tattle, gossipmonger, nonsense, table talk, rumormonger, preach, blabber, debate, chin-wag, spiel, cackle, rumourmonger, tittle-tattle, palaver, confabulation, clack, confab, chin-wagging, gossiper, talk, natter, say, patter, yak, lecture, scuttlebutt, gabfest, tête-à-tête, small talk, newsmonger, orate, idle talk, causerie, remark, gas, waffle, gossip, voice, babble, prate, chitchat, chatter, comment, jangle, run on, go on, words, jaw, chin music.

Examples of usage:

1) I don't like his eternal gab, nohow. - "Dixie Hart", Will N. Harben.

2) He did not suffer me to finish my sentence, but exclaimed- 'None of your gab, I tell you! - "Anna St. Ives", Thomas Holcroft.

3) In his general uneasiness, in his hankering for any sort of information that would help his affairs, the young man was tempted to follow the provocative Elias and pin him down to something definite; the flashes of shrewd sanity in the fanatic's mouthings had encouraged Frank to believe that the Prophet was not quite as much of an ingenuous lunatic as his gab and garb suggested. - "When Egypt Went Broke", Holman Day.