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Spell check of ga

Correct spelling: ga

AZ, B.C., gallium, atomic number 31, Ala., AR, tabun, Ark., Peach State, Ariz., AL, Alas., AK, Georgia, CA, empire state of the south.

Examples of usage:

1) C. Jones, of Savannah, Ga. - "Slavery and the Constitution", William Ingersoll Bowditch.

2) The whole Chatworth family have those names, Aunt Ju, and it is the dearest thing to hear the old doctor call Captain Arthur 'Ga- ga. - "Julia The Apostate", Josephine Daskam.

3) One day as Palmer was walking along the busy streets of Boston, he chanced to meet Lowell Mason, the famous musician and composer of Savannah, Ga. - "The Story of Our Hymns", Ernest Edwin Ryden.