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Spell check of jab

Correct spelling: jab

gibe, thrust, touch, strain, poke at, arm-wrestling, delve, laggard, count out, savvy, moil, clout, carrier bag, lick, bash, amphetamine, decry, knife, nose, archeological site, get the picture, labor, hollow, digging, prodding, drive, bout, cut into, drudge, labour, pigeon berry, anesthetic, lambast, paper bag, corner, poking, slate, thrusting, toil, intrude, shoulder, barb, antibiotic, dig, grasp, nudge, cross, box, dawdler, biff, heave, stab, poke, thump, antacid, bare-knuckle, garget, pillory, lagger, dig up, turn over, blow, anaesthetic, dab, knife thrust, scoke, travail, punch, analgesic, anabolic steroid, apprehend, anticoagulant, incite, pound, egg on, bantamweight, antidepressant, horn in, grind, trailer, jibe, shot, slug, dig out, prod, condemn, shove, comprehend, driving force, slam, excavate, boxer, hit, denounce, push, lunge, thrust aside, excavation, boxing, pry, drone, compass, grok, sack, jar, antidote, shaft, jog, jabbing.

Examples of usage:

1) With a last jab at the fire he dismissed the interview just over from his mind and settled down to think. - "Helena Brett's Career", Desmond Coke.

2) You see he's near- sighted and not used to manual labor, and every time he missed his nail with the hammer, the German coward would jab him in the ribs with the point of his bayonet. - "My Home In The Field of Honor", Frances Wilson Huard.

3) I happened to see a little sterling silver fork, the sort of thing you use to spear out olives and cherries or jab into canapes. - "Epistles-from-Pap-Letters-from-the-man-known-as-The-Will-Rogers-of-Indiana", Durham, Andrew Everett.