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Spell check of winning

Correct spelling: winning

accomplishing, collaring, tempting, eye-catching, catching, champion, apprehending, prevailing, pocketing, grand slam, gentle, loving, routing, kind, pleasing, overpowering, triumph, taking, bettering, wrangling, pretty, accumulating, occupying, triumphal, achieving, dominating, bewitching, heaping, lording, darling, success, outplaying, surmounting, defeating, trumping, reaping, annexing, fulfilling, consummating, insinuating, conquest, adding, cornering, quelling, scoring, bagging, predominating, lovesome, cute, trouncing, subduing, like, garnering, mastering, K.O., beating, earning, incurring, buying, netting, crushing, appealing, engaging, glamorous, capturing, overturning, disarming, knockout, subdual, benignant, subjecting, outdoing, seizing, nice-looking, abducting, oppressing, subjection, adrift, acceptable, snaring, overthrowing, winsome, gratifying, captivating, pleasant, repulsive, collecting, amassing, procuring, dear, assuming, precious, humbling, undone, ascending, enchanting, leading, endearing, snatching, rival, beguiling, courteous, presiding, win, checkmating, foiling, attractive, securing, harvesting, prepossessing, vanquishing, purchasing, subordinating, claiming, award-winning, conquering, controlling, ruling, overseeing, receiving, attaining, stunning, harming, charming, triumphing, ugly, agreeable, nip and tuck, overcoming, adorable, achievement, successful, palming, prize-winning, victory, delightful, behind, arresting, commanding, fetching, amiable, retrieving, succeeding, blue-ribbon, good-natured, enticing, whipping, acquiring, triumphant, winningest, sweet, checkmate, lovable, ascendancy, getting, obtaining, gaining, fascinating, luring, victorious, lovely, mastery, landing.

sour, surly, scandalous, morose, obscene, repugnant, loathsome, unlovely, horrible, ill-humored, displeasing, cruel, scornful, dogged, shocking, repellent, obnoxious, insolent, unlovable, unsuccessful, ogreish, disaffecting, repulsive, churlish, offensive, disagreeable, heinous, unamiable, noisome, contemptible, ill-natured, hideous, crusty, proud, crabbed, unlikable, detestable, unattractive, nasty, lousy, dreadful, horrid, hateful, gruff, appalling, foul, sullen, sickening, abhorrent, monstrous, horrendous, arrogant, nauseating, ugly, unpleasant, odious, ill-favored, acrimonious, unsightly, abominable, disgusting, alienating, awful, distasteful, haughty, grotesque, ill-tempered, frightful, vile, unloved, disdainful, revolting, wretched.

Examples of usage:

1) There was nothing I had ever felt so incapable of winning. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

2) For you have, or rather your horse has been of great assistance to me in winning this fair lady's hand. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

3) " I'm winning all the time," she said gaily, " so they won't want to play long." - "The Pioneers", Katharine Susannah Prichard.