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Spell check of glamorous

Correct spelling: glamorous

elegant, dazzling, captivating, like, ornamental, glamourous, adorable, polished, becoming, beguiling, magnetic, engaging, alluring, pleasing, elfin, resplendent, nice-looking, tempting, finished, renowned, fascinating, marvelous, splendid, fantastic, lovely, celebrated, picturesque, strange, seductive, shapely, enticing, pretty, handsome, belle, refined, sightly, notorious, prepossessing, good-looking, winning, fair, sublime, winsome, flowerlike, exquisite, appealing, fetching, bizarro, sweet, eye-filling, exciting, attractive, bonny, enchanting, knockout, famous, quaint, romantic, entrancing, stunning, gorgeous, bewitching, beautiful, fabled, legendary, charismatic, outlandish, superb, eye-catching, illustrious, radiant, taking, well-known, comely, infamous, luring, charming, delightful, graceful.

dull, ponderous, sickening, drab, humdrum, revolting, horrible, boring, shocking, unexciting, repulsive, loathsome, nauseating, noisome, tiresome, odious, repelling, dreary, irksome, abominable, flat, monotonous, repugnant, horrid, appalling, pedestrian, awful, wearisome, repellent, unglamorous, unromantic, leaden, offensive, obnoxious, hideous, tedious, jading, horrendous, distasteful, familiar, invidious, abhorrent.

Examples of usage:

1) These little dramas did not present Penrod as he really was, much less did they glow with the uncertain but glamorous light in which Penrod saw himself. - "Penrod and Sam", Booth Tarkington.

2) Through the Arc de Triomphe there was a glamorous curtain of cloth of gold, and arrows of light struck and broke upon the golden figures of Alexander's Bridge. - "The Soul of the War", Philip Gibbs.

3) Everything seemed strangely beautiful to her, the glamorous shop- lights cutting through the violet gloom, the subtle messages of lighted windows, the passing faces of her fellow- men. - "Calvary Alley", Alice Hegan Rice.