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Spell check of enticing

Correct spelling: enticing

come-hither, requesting, impelling, inveigling, nice-looking, indoctrinating, tipping, charming, inducing, enchanting, cajoling, magnetizing, sweetening, paying, soliciting, flinging, pulling, dallying, prompting, winsome, catapulting, pushing, cherishing, heaving, engrossing, alluring, tantalising, greeting, motivating, snuggling, nuzzling, selling, stimulating, captivating, coaxing, treating, triggering, romantic, hastening, courting, imploring, striking, endearing, influencing, giving, begging, bewitching, applying, pretty, petitioning, thrusting, eye-catching, ogling, jogging, shooting, remunerating, shoving, knockout, throwing, granting, billing and cooing, jolting, seductive, jerking, punching, winning over, energizing, entreating, flirtatious, rewarding, driving, inspiring, appealing, sweet, awarding, lovely, like, fetching, encouraging, attractive, launching, instigating, delightful, beseeching, supplicating, ramming, prodding, taking, compensating, knocking, making love, accosting, romancing, coddling, enlisting, love-making, jostling, luring, honoring, spooning, hurling, cuddling, poking, adorable, kissing, witching, moving, beguiling, swaying, tantalizing, desirable, magnetic, prepossessing, flirting, drawing, winning, siren, firing, bumping, convincing, hugging, approaching, tempting, persuading, wooing, pleading, inviting, addressing, propelling, glamorous, nudging, lobbing, seducing, fondling, buttonholing, provoking, serenading, fermenting, persuasion, fascinating, dragging, hurtling, goading, pitching, slinging, urging, fomenting, caressing, attracting, stunning, engaging, forcing.


Examples of usage:

1) I was afraid to ask you to share my life, fearing you would accept, for I am a coward when you are in danger; but now that you have offered to do it, and relieved me of the fear I had of enticing you into it, I am happier than I can express. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.

2) I gladly followed her, picking my way through what had once been one of the most enticing of provincial pastry shops, the good soul apologizing all the time, as if she had been responsible for the damage. - "My Home In The Field of Honor", Frances Wilson Huard.

3) Perhaps Thoma will be softened when she sees that for her sake he avoids the most enticing pleasures. - "Landolin", Berthold Auerbach.