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Spell check of spatter

Correct spelling: spatter

shade, smudge, touch, streak, spattering, shoot a line, pitter-patter, splutter, brag, sparge, gas, shred, ptyalise, dram, plash, mite, spit out, denigrate, scruple, dot, spill, snap, disperse, driblet, strain, gasconade, stipple, dapple, splotch, dash, channel, sputter, smell, shower, swagger, bit, taint, break, blow, boast, scatter, ounce, star, crumb, skosh, nip, spark, squish, slosh, peanuts, squelch, dab, tarnish, burst, spangle, patter, besmirch, splash, besmear, bespeckle, attack, slush, vaunt, smidgen, swash, suspicion, polka-dot, glimmer, scintilla, speckle, splattering, cast up, deepen, sputtering, speck, crest, pleach, wet, strike, spue, shadow, splatter, stir, tout, bluster, sprinkle, sprinkling, spew, dribble, ace, ray, smut, catch, blotch, soil, mottle, tad, smear, skewer, bedew, dust, trace, course, sully, besprinkle, soup├žon, dirty, befoul, bestrew, slop, stain, splashing, bespatter, hint, spot, come in, spray, little, blacken, splosh, MARKS, clean, smack, cloud, ptyalize, lick.

gobs, superabundance, overage, heaps, overabundance, much, lashings, overkill, wad, bundle, pile, raft, abundance, reams, fistful, mess, surfeit, chunk, wealth, mountain, stack, oodles, bonanza, oversupply, boatload, slab, bushel, excess, embarrassment, loads, peck, overflow, scads, lot, passel, quantity, barrel, bucket, overmuch, potful, superfluity, surplus, deal, plenty, mass, lump, volume, hunk, profusion.

Examples of usage:

1) " Yes, indeed; Angeline has seen 'em as thick as spatter! - "Dotty Dimple At Home", Sophie May.

2) He watched the gold, heard the rain coming more slowly; at first, " spatter- spatter- spatter," then, " spatter- spatter." - "The Golden Scarecrow", Hugh Walpole.

3) If one should fly in your face, break her eggs and spatter the contents over your person, and you should feel like wringing her neck, don't do it; you would only be so much out. - "Natural and Artificial Duck Culture", James Rankin.