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Spell check of revolutionary

Correct spelling: revolutionary

new, mutinous, anarchic, activist, freedom fighter, subverter, insurrectionary, pioneering, loyal, rebel, patriotic, rebellious, ultra, upheaving, up-to-the-minute, edge, unusual, disturbing, destructive, demonstrator, original, insurgent, basal, conscientious objector, latest, far-out, extreme, rabid, revolting, fanatical, upsetting, cataclysmic, radical, restructuring, concern, subversive, civil, destroying, revolutionist, militant, extremist, innovative, guerrilla, unprecedented, novel, fanatic, sweeping, counterrevolutionary, seditious, resist, anarchist, dissident, belt bomber, riotous, politics, fresh, experimental, campaigner, factious, advanced, rotatory, treasonable, agitator.

submissive, staunch, loyal, conservative, true, traditional, liberal, true-blue, obedient, middle-of-the-road, progressive, orthodox, temperate, tractable, counterrevolutionary, steadfast, compliant, constant, old, devoted, conventional, moderate.

Examples of usage:

1) Now the present movement is, before all, political and revolutionary. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

2) So it seems to be with the fortunes of revolutionary socialism in England to- day. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

3) As for me, on the contrary, I have no faith in the old revolutionary methods, and I try to comprehend the march of men in the past and in the present, to know how to advance with them without falling behind, but without going on so far before as you, for they would not follow me- they could not follow me! - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.