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Spell check of observable

Correct spelling: observable

manifest, present, obvious, arresting, memorable, marked, signal, citable, displayed, embodied, tangible, identifiable, discernable, incarnate, materialized, show up, plain, clear-cut, exposed, appeared, palpable, perceptible, striking, evidential, pointed, bold, knowledge, clear, patent, detectable, notable, shown, crystal clear, outstanding, appreciable, remarkable, seeable, discernible, concrete, prominent, mentionable, corporeal, noticeable, eye-catching, touchable, demonstrated, conspicuous, evident, distinguishable, revealed, nameable, sensible, see, visual, manifested, viewable, ponderable, distinct, visible, exhibited, pronounced, unmistakable, apparent, proved, salient, perceivable.

indistinct, average, prosaic, evaporated, melted, inconspicuous, unremarkable, hidden, buried, concealed, insignificant, vague, unmemorable, covert, unexceptional, vaporized, obscure, disguised, unobtrusive, vanished, sightless, faint, shrouded, dissolved, invisible, standard, forgettable, unnoticeable, unobservable, disappeared, run-of-the-mill, viewless, routine, imperceptible, latent, slight, ordinary, evanesced, indiscernible.

Examples of usage:

1) In " Society" the force of individuality now runs beneath the surface of observable varieties of costume, taking a subterranean course with an impulse to avoid everything that would give rise to comment. - "George Du Maurier, the Satirist of the Victorians", T. Martin Wood.

2) Neither in his social relations nor in his daily task was there observable any trace of the tax he was putting upon his over- strained energy. - "Eugene Field, A Study In Heredity And Contradictions", Slason Thompson.

3) This last was received by the sick man from the doctor's messenger; and no sooner was he gone than it was observable that the invalid rose from the mat upon which he had lain. - "One Maid's Mischief", George Manville Fenn.