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Spell check of observe

Correct spelling: observe

line up, conform, ascertain, illustrate, acclaim, goose-step, play along, validate, let out, verify, behold, invent, mark, discover, see, surrender, incur, opine, learn, feel, refer, find out, attain, acquiesce, enjoy, obey, defer, honor, save, avouch, retrieve, watch, corroborate, conserve, perceive, unwrap, assent, ideate, revel, bend, cheer, brainstorm, maintain, remember, articulate, inaugurate, reflect, proclaim, stick with, formulate, venerate, check, awareness, strike, rejoice, stick to, keep back, adhere to, air, take note, expose, sound off, examine, fall upon, glance, praise, reward, betoken, hold back, fulfill, come across, hear, consent, capitulate, watch out, contemplate, glimpse, allow, adhere, take after, chance, prove, receive, spy, evince, certify, remark, mimic, glorify, give away, survey, asseverate, recover, envision, knowledge, happen, catch, pronounce on, party, laud, surveil, advert, cave, take in, pursue, accept, hold, keep to, assert, lionize, regard, get wind, hallow, suppose, get a line, vouch, prise, value, fantasize, bring out, wield, design, detect, stay fresh, keep an eye on, find, witness, encounter, defend, divulge, come after, fall out, speak out, keep open, fete, eye, lionise, agree, custom, disclose, scrutinize, frolic, editorialize, name, create, look out, discern, glare, eyewitness, think, espouse, chance on, continue, jubilate, retain, proceed, trace, trick or treat, happen upon, spectate, knuckle under, honour, stand over, peer, carouse, confirm, kowtow, manifest, determine, declare, exemplify, scan, theorize, keep abreast, hold open, espy, inspect, bow, cite, spot, come up, key, ape, look on, consider, conform to, succumb, establish, mores, celebrate, prevent, regain, commemorate, hail, stare, acknowledge, document, abide by, review, comment, keep, sight, postdate, watch over, depose, describe, plan, notice, state, testify, succeed, yield, legacy, sight see, accompany, comply, adopt, identify, express, note, view, let on, bring up, solemnize, make merry, go along, manners, restrain, attest, come upon, pick up, obtain, light upon, tradition, weigh in, chance upon, trumpet, same, keep on, key out, pick out, imagine, keep up, authenticate, carry out, mention, demonstrate, genuflect, esteem, make out, find oneself, practice, exult, daydream, follow, get word, salute, conceive, study, memorialize, take down, hold on, fall, recognize, submit, peek, spy on, prize, words, get, adduce, travel along, indicate, break, respect, institution, mind, sustain, connote, rule, watch for, substantiate, come, local color, point out, go on, get hold, descry, listen, distinguish, gaze, cede, reveal, bump, concur, exhibit, be, preserve, uphold, peruse, support, exert, look.

despise, defy, overlook, blow off, ignore, mutiny, transgress, snub, neglect, contemn, gloss, revolt, disobey, oppose, disrespect, violate, blink, withstand, scorn, disoblige, disregard, scoff, rebel, mock, dispute, gloze, resist, repudiate, break, pooh-pooh, brush, deride, miss, dismiss, dare, slight, forget, overpass, direct, dishonor, profane, wink, lead, fight, contest, infringe, combat, pass over, brush off, flout, buck, discount, challenge, shrug off, refuse, renounce, breach.

Examples of usage:

1) I had begun to observe this as I approached the boreal center. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) " I observe that Tom seems very careful of his hands," he returned. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

3) Mr. George, however, does not observe this rule. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.