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Spell check of Maintaining

Correct spelling: Maintaining

ratifying, mediating, balancing, forming, shaping, admitting, assenting, persisting, proclaiming, expressing, retaining, validating, presuming, submitting, judging, promising, stratifying, putting faith in, pigeonholing, certifying, designing, arraying, rationalizing, safeguarding, planning, sorting, screening, setting, grading, shielding, pronouncing, stating, accepting, adjusting, protecting, abiding, settling, understanding, acknowledging, deeming, composing, contending, casting, holding, arranging, propounding, rating, affirming, protracting, normalizing, subordinating, continuing, testifying, reserving, categorizing, harmonizing, preparing, professing, covering, scheming, sustaining, believing, assuming, systematizing, programming, saving, securing, unifying, sifting, keeping, controlling, pledging, collating, scoring, stabilizing, guarding, assuring, unsnarling, surmising, preventing, extending, charting, establishing, sheltering, grouping, typing, methodizing, plotting, integrating, regulating, gathering, righting, endorsing, declaring, setting down, supposing, marshalling, classing, structuring, adjuring, taking for granted, asserting, preserving, verifying, attesting, persevering, avouching, trusting, averring, orchestrating, warranting, supporting, organizing, ranking, scheduling, ordering, hindering, defending, giving faith, prolonging, concluding, fixing, devising, classifying, crediting, framing, approving, corroborating, schematizing, conserving, claiming, separating, placing.

Examples of usage:

1) Mr. George has probably little conception of the amount of money an improving landlord thinks it necessary to invest in maintaining or increasing the productive capacity of his land. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

2) The cottages, maintaining their balance with difficulty on the perilous slope rising from the ferry, are covered with rose bushes. - "Cornwall", G. E. Mitton.

3) Conscious of Kazem's disposition, Jatupon became less disconcerted and more guarded, hurrying but maintaining a consistent space between himself and his brothers. - "Corpus of a Siam Mosquito", Steven Sills.