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Spell check of faithlessness

Correct spelling: faithlessness

treason, non-belief, treachery, perfidiousness, non-religiousness, unfaithfulness, double cross, atheism, continue, insincerity, profanity, impiety, agnosticism, sellout, irreligion, dishonesty, business, falsity, inconstancy, two-timing, godlessness, backstabbing, irreverence, infidelity, heathendom, ungodliness, fickleness, falseness, secularism, fraud, disloyalty, hollowness, treacherousness, trust, skepticism, disbelief, perfidy, traitorousness, doubt, false-heartedness, changefulness.

devotedness, steadfastness, honesty, loyalty, faithfulness, safeguard, faith, allegiance, shield, defense, fealty, constancy, reliability, trustworthiness, fidelity, staunchness, devotion, dependability, protection.

Examples of usage:

1) Following this came a lyric, having for its theme the pangs of despised love and the faithlessness of the fair. - "Reminiscences of a South African Pioneer", W. C. Scully.

2) Yet he was as fickle as he was ardent; success had made him vain and capricious; he had no sentiment to attach him to the victim of his arts; and many a pale cheek and fading eye, languishing amidst the sparkling of jewels, and many a breaking heart, throbbing under the rustic bodice, bore testimony to his triumphs and his faithlessness. - "Bracebridge Hall, or The Humorists", Washington Irving.

3) In Fullalove Alley Mr. Edward Silk, his forebodings fulfilled, received the news of Amelia Kybird's faithlessness in a spirit of' quiet despair, and turned a deaf ear to the voluble sympathy of his neighbours. - "At Sunwich Port, Complete", W.W. Jacobs.