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Spell check of dishonesty

Correct spelling: dishonesty

chicanery, treason, knavishness, treachery, lie, counterfeiting, forgery, shiftiness, flimflam, trickiness, faithlessness, artfulness, dissembling, misconduct, hanky-panky, insincerity, deception, lying, deceit, perfidiousness, untrustworthiness, phoniness, deceitfulness, crookedness, cozenage, skulduggery, embezzlement, infidelity, stealing, dissimulation, shadiness, insidiousness, guile, cant, trick, hypocrisy, mendaciousness, dupery, fakery, deceptiveness, honest, traitorousness, cheat, delusion, perjury, slyness, smoke and mirrors, mendacity, cunning, trickery, underhandedness, wiliness, perfidy, rascality, imposition, cunningness, fiction, imposture, artifice, duplicity, craft, feloniousness, knavery, hocus-pocus, craftiness, crookery, fraud, figment, pettifoggery, sneakiness, double-dealing, cheating, improbity, swindle, indirection, foul play, subtlety, corruption, foxiness, swindling, fraudulence, guilefulness, subtleness, deviousness, unscrupulousness, falsity, untruthfulness, immorality, corruptness, falsehood, prevarication.

forthrightness, openness, honor, frankness, trustability, honestness, credibility, goodness, plainspokenness, candidness, correctness, dependability, probity, veracity, fairness, truth, trustiness, reliability, guilelessness, veraciousness, directness, good faith, reliableness, decency, incorruptibility, integrity, virtuousness, righteousness, sincerity, artlessness, honesty, ingenuousness, solidity, authenticity, truthfulness, trustworthiness, objectivity, verity, genuineness, straightforwardness, uprightness, accuracy, plainness, candor.

Examples of usage:

1) If you have been given to sharp practice or dishonesty, woe be unto you when you fall. - "Dollars and Sense", Col. Wm. C. Hunter.

2) Evidently the idea that dishonesty existed never occurred to her. - "My Home In The Field of Honor", Frances Wilson Huard.

3) And it's just plain, every- day dishonesty! - "The Crimson Sweater", Ralph Henry Barbour.