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Spell check of deadly

Correct spelling: deadly

unqualified, bitter, noisome, very, acerbic, harmful, stark, vicious, detrimental, dementedly, cadaverous, insidious, hurtful, bloodthirsty, vital, mischievous, septic, tiresome, sulphurous, acid, plaguey, pathological, flat, vitriolic, foul, pestiferous, deucedly, unsanitary, baneful, total, caustic, ghostlike, outright, contaminated, deleterious, cannibalistic, perverting, madly, unalloyed, blistering, thoroughgoing, unhygienic, fair, unconditional, suicidal, rank, insanely, virulent, calamitous, definite, regular, unmitigated, damaging, unhealthful, insalubrious, unwholesome, poisonous, sheer, arrant, unhealthy, help, noxious, dead, devilishly, bad, blank, deathlike, all-out, inevitable, mortuary, diabolically, bodacious, terminal, injurious, healthful, disastrous, acrid, fatal, fiendishly, consummate, deathly, plumb, gangrenous, lifelessly, dreadful, profound, fell, evil, venomous, diseased, stone, categorical, utter, sulfurous, pestilential, mortal, contagious, pure, frantically, malignant, tedious, thorough, subtle, boring, live, ruinous, clean, complete, downright, lethal, simple, pernicious, cotton-picking, baleful, crashing, dangerous, pestilent, homicidal, unadulterated, ghostly, violent, devilish, bloody, murderous, devastating, catastrophic, damned, flat-out, blooming, perfect, unpardonable, acerb, infected, destructive, ghastly, crazily, dull, out-and-out, spectral, straight-out, toxic, Midland.

energetic, helpful, well, robust, nonpoisonous, jaunty, sound, jazzy, invigorating, frisky, fit, equivocal, advantageous, restricted, salubrious, healthy, beneficent, living, good, qualified, rejuvenating, sprightful, vivacious, hale, atoxic, curative, doubtful, remedial, profitable, alleviative, corrective, nonlethal, tonic, useful, racy, vital, snappy, hearty, spirited, pardonable, life-giving, chipper, salutary, spanking, perky, springy, safe, alive, whole, brisk, beneficial, sparky, questionable, wholesome, favorable, able-bodied, dubious, active, uncertain, animate, zippy, pert, sprightly, peppy, nontoxic, vigorous, animated, breathing, live, serviceable, avirulent, nonfatal, bouncing, healthful, lively, innocuous, restorative.

Examples of usage:

1) I'm deadly afraid of guns. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

2) " They were right," thought I. " This Cape Horn is indeed a deadly and a dangerous spot!" - "A Lady's Captivity among Chinese Pirates in the Chinese Seas", Fanny Loviot.

3) Yet fear, I knew, was more deadly than any blow that could come from the dark. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.