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Spell check of tarnish

Correct spelling: tarnish

dot, discolor, lesion, respect, attack, check, stigmatize, mar, abrade, scar, mark, hurt, pockmark, spoilage, denigrate, nick, spot, better, impurity, smudge, deface, reproach, dirty, cloud, defile, contaminate, streak, score, soil, taint, spoil, MARKS, muddy, smut, rift, scratch, pollute, slander, eyesore, foul, embarrass, fault, blotch, fleck, daub, damage, wart, brand, impair, spatter, scandalize, malign, smirch, libel, touch, dent, deformity, flaw, abrasion, bespatter, shame, besmirch, blur, vitiate, onus, befoul, smear, deform, vilify, prejudice, attaint, injure, black eye, disfigure, poison, drawback, scrape, stain, asperse, disserve, sully, slit, discredit, defacement, freckle, splotch, injury, notch, sore, calumniate, denounce, traduce, defame, darken, kink, hack, fracture, harm, detract from, blot, weal, scuff, distortion, disfigurement, speck, maculate, chip, distort, clean, blemish, badmouth, stigma, pillory, corrupt, besmear, blacken, discoloration, disgrace, imperfection, help, scab, detract, dishonor, gash, defect, putrefy, blister.

elevate, uplift, purify, glorify, dignify, enshrine, ennoble, cleanse, magnify, hallow.

Examples of usage:

1) The Bridle was diverse from the Pillion, which was finely embroidered, but tarnish, with the Stuffing oozing out in severall Places. - "Mary Powell & Deborah's Diary", Anne Manning.

2) Worn down with toil- old age ploughing deep furrows in his face for the last seed time- the confines of a brighter world just before him, he resigned his authority and closed his public career on the 29th of January 1794, covered with living honors and not a spot to tarnish the glory of his fair escutcheon. - "Sages and Heroes of the American Revolution", L. Carroll Judson.

3) To- night my heart o'erflows with joy; I hold them as a sacred trust; I fain would hide them in my heart, Safe from tarnish of moth and rust. - "Poems", Frances E. W. Harper.