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Spell check of discoloration

Correct spelling: discoloration

defect, discolouration, point, spoilage, dot, flaw, blotch, imperfection, abrasion, fleck, wart, mar, color, shading, filth, scab, score, hurt, grease, eyesore, coloring, soil, sore, damage, scar, freckle, stain, mark, check, scuff, drawback, smear, fracture, fault, patina, contrast, speck, band, darkness, lesion, tarnish, spot, chip, scrape, disfigurement, kink, impurity, flash, deformity, splotch, notch, slit, blister, gash, color scheme, hack, blaze, distortion, chromatic, scratch, weal, depth, defacement, smirch, grunge, rift, brand, grime, pockmark, splash, blot, colouring, stigma, blemish, dirt, nick.

Examples of usage:

1) There is generally, also, some discoloration both in the pavement of rock upon which the igneous mass lies, and in the under portions of the latter itself. - "Geology", James Geikie.

2) Naturally, they would wrinkle some, but any discoloration, if such there was, was gradual and uniform, except in one place- about shoulder high and between me and the radio were some streaks of chocolate running toward the radio. - "Epistles-from-Pap-Letters-from-the-man-known-as-The-Will-Rogers-of-Indiana", Durham, Andrew Everett.

3) There is a tendency in these forms to a discoloration of the stem where handled or bruised, and this should caution one in comparing such forms with the edible A. rubescens. - "Studies of American Fungi. Mushrooms, Edible, Poisonous, etc.", George Francis Atkinson.