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Spell check of modern

Correct spelling: modern

fresh, modernistic, moderne, ripe, now, streamlined, knowledge, common, hot, prevalent, chic, modish, improved, nonclassical, mechanical, groundbreaking, novel, immediate, in advance, ultramodern, new age, Victorian, coincident, time, modern-day, advanced, dilapidated, with it, smart, present-day, topical, cool, new, innovational, mod, existing, unexampled, Bodoni font, smooth, space-age, designer, conforming, late-breaking, automated, modernist, contemporaneous, au courant, sophisticated, forward-looking, advance, convenient, modern font, contemporary, alive, late, out-of-date, newfangled, swank, up-to-date, bodoni, young, red-hot, renovated, new-made, neo, new-fashioned, functional, progressive, medieval, old, in progress, current, present, futuristic, hip, stylish, latter-day, concurrent, youthful, recent, juvenile, prevailing, sharp, innovative, fashionable, upstart, up-to-the-minute, avant-garde, old-fashioned, trendy, synchronous, state-of-the-art, raw, latest.

dateless, historical, middle, old-fashioned, age-old, mediaeval, classic, nonmodern, hoary, old, antiquated, passé, disused, classical, medieval, regressive, historic, old-time, venerable, aged, dated, outmoded, unfashionable, antebellum, remote, ancient, old-world, antediluvian, obsolete, archaic, musty, late, forgotten, horse-and-buggy, discarded, olden, early, out-of-date, bygone, kaput, outworn, old style font, moth-eaten, retro, past, oldfangled, old style, former, unmodernized, gothic, fusty, anachronistic, antique, unstylish, retrograde, Victorian, timeless, ageless.

Examples of usage:

1) You are too modern to believe in marriage. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

2) It is no new party, however; it is merely the extremer element in the modern socialist movement. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

3) Confidence is the very quick of modern trade. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.