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Spell check of in

Correct spelling: in

against, crisscross, dappled, by, inside, by-election, aisle seat, last, procedure, at home, sometime, big, attending, booking office, smart, under, du jour, turned-on, diffuse, incoming, modish, state-of-the-art, swank, conversational, weather forecast, while, colored, up to the minute, style, faddy, interior, elect, subsequently, direct, checkered, AR, around, break, electioneering, toward, dark, weather, tactic, chintzy, dramatic, cubit, within, sharp, at, advantage, AK, economical, au courant, out, disenfranchise, across, Ark., after, on, when, def, opposite, trig, campaign, clothed, forward, stylish, debonair, hot, downtown, snappy, centimeter, Alas., AZ, inward, down, favorite, method acting, afloat, bespectacled, this, here, dashing, aboard, usual, alley, ahead, system, basis, anglophone, swell, booking, fresh, hep, brash, declamatory, seasonal, crowd-pleasing, break point, along, swish, candy-striped, book on, voguish, Indiana, beyond, rep, bore, supercool, about, spell, modernistic, means, hate, since, cm., drip, indium, clad, for sale, popularized, zone, during, indoors, over, barometer, now, a la mode, hip, election, discursive, upcoming, code switching, bus, checkerboard, course, climatic, surrounding, following, cross-dressing, bold, chequered, apart, fidelity, pop, broken, attired, go up, clean, communicative competence, CA, with-it, meanwhile, color-coded, Hoosier State, Ariz., the Davis Cup, Ala., near, even, into, beauty contest, bilingual, contemporary, eddy, fluency, Anglo, meteorology, before, modern, ablaze, chad, AL, direct elections, ace, chic, ft., articulate, column inch, swanky, successful, internal, encode, technique, board, up, bright, landlocked, acting, B.C., whenever, length, then, popular, circuitous, inch, mod, way, red-hot, cold, posh, exclusive, crisp, oncoming, advance poll, flush, inwards, groovy, chronological, arr., vogue, succeeding, detest, advanced, advancing, faddish, throughout, centimetre, ball boy, checked, all, bleached, corseted, happening, trendy, ebb, foot, false beginner, tony, through, subsequent, cool, mode, ball girl, dapper, current, fashionable, bookable, space-age, maelstrom, clay, futuristic, ensuing, enclosed, method, manner, flow, in time, atomic number 49, fluent, climate, classy, large, chatty, until, temperate, inner.

delayed, unbecoming, tardy, outgoing, nameless, nerdy, belated, graceless, demised, retired, untidy, lost, truant, hated, dowdy, despised, absent, unattractive, deceased, insignificant, sleazy, departed, disliked, inconspicuous, unfashionable, indistinguished, unstylish, missing, dead, delinquent, unimportant, vanished, away, detested, frowsy, styleless, tacky, rejected, anonymous, AWOL, messy, unhandsome, cheesy, rumpled, geeky, uncool, nonexistent, unknown, tasteless, unexceptional, disheveled, unkempt, sloppy, gone, slovenly, out, inelegant, overdue, nerdish, wrinkled, washed-up, unpopular, obscure, unsuccessful, late, defunct, mussy, shabby, trashy, outmoded.

Examples of usage:

1) There's some mystery in it all. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) The doctor came in. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) Wasn't it nice in him? - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.