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Spell check of iamb

Correct spelling: iamb

couplet, quatrain, pentameter, heroic couplet, canto, foot, dactyl, iambus, iambic, hexameter.

Examples of usage:

1) Everybody had something to say and got to his feet to say it well, even if some of them did brandish a turkey wing or a Iamb rib to emphasize their points. - "The Tinder-Box", Maria Thompson Daviess.

2) 157. Here are fourteen stanzas of composite dimeter, each having two sorts of lines; the first sort consisting, with a few exceptions, of a dactyl and an amphimac; the second, mostly, of two iambs; but, in some instances, of a trochee and an iamb;- the latter being, in such a connexion, much the more harmonious and agreeable combination of quantities. - "The Grammar of English Grammars", Goold Brown.

3) And since no such definite musical valuation can be given to English feet, a Greek iamb and an English iamb are obviously different. - "The Principles of English Versification", Paull Franklin Baum.