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Spell check of foot

Correct spelling: foot

root word, inch, breast pocket, radical, auxiliary, stem, substratum, tail, stern, pentameter, beak, leaf, bore, bed, plunk, nates, radix, find fault, keister, home, bump, backside, coattails, bag, tail end, basement, broken, nucleotide, apex, paw, walking, annexe, alkali, posterior, attachment, bedpost, base of operations, dactyl, confines, decimeter, in., furlong, amendment, pick, cornerstone, add, tush, dog, break up, stand, clean, metrical foot, hoof it, bedroll, iamb, extremity, bedside, basis, armpit, infantry, ankle, move, analog, bevel, origination, care label, mile, instauration, grounding, annex, hexameter, mil, bassinet, ground, creation, substructure, attention line, pad, brim, prat, couplet, automatically, meter, micron, introduction, clubfoot, kicker, initiation, ball, runner, contents, drawer, arch, bodice, sum, infrastructure, box, underpinning, dance, groundwork, hiking, arm, tooshie, rump, understructure, castor, armhole, collar, pes, shelf, metrical unit, air bed, bunk, founding, rock bottom, step, league, calf, foundation garment, work, fanny, blank, pedestal, nadir, invertebrate foot, rear end, ambulate, decameter, heel, al-Qaeda, can, coda, blame, criterion, rod, kilometer, measure, berth, top, totalize, peck, total, piece, repetition, back, clockwork, canto, increase, hind end, innovation, second, depths, buttocks, pace, buttonhole, fundament, underside, walk, heroic couplet, base, quatrain, minute, human foot, bedhead, over, pluck, edge, corner, hoof, interval, root, foundation, clever, cordless, behind, nibble, fathom, seat, leg it, buns, leg, hindquarters, yard, centimeter, bum, angstrom, rear, underneath, built, hectometer, iambic, marching, cubit, animal foot, ell, bib, length, footing, bottom, cm., centimetre, al-Qaida, automatic, sole, bedstead, pier, institution, floor, block, big toe, running, knot, al-Qa'ida, head, appendage, ft, caster, theme, foot up, tread, millimeter, cast, accent, cull, derriere, tot.

top, vertex, crest, apex, peak, summit, acme, tip-top, head, tip, meridian, pinnacle, height, culmination, zenith, climax.

Examples of usage:

1) He went on staring down at Athena's little foot. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

2) There- no, don't put your foot to the ground. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Amalia has hurt her foot. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.