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Spell check of hatred

Correct spelling: hatred

rancor, anger, abhorrence, malevolence, abuse, combativeness, repellency, acrimony, coolness, discordance, bad blood, malignity, tension, animosity, pique, malice, viciousness, envy, odium, hate, disapproval, revulsion, crime, liking, repugnancy, nuisance, passion, alienation, malignancy, shame, wickedness, sympathy, hostility, quarrelsomeness, coldness, maliciousness, hatefulness, scorn, wrath, polarity, contention, friendship, offense, venom, ignominy, resentment, revenge, fear, loathing, devotion, inharmoniousness, prejudice, nastiness, contempt, corrosiveness, see also, annoyance, emotion, plague, repugnance, dislike, foulness, bane, love, antagonism, mood, sensation, disaffection, horror, bitterness, derision, disgust, distaste, sentiment, repulsion, abomination, evil, displeasure, aversion, detestation, ill will, feeling, spitefulness, spleen, execration, unfriendliness, spite, surliness, meanness, disfavor, conflict, opposition, grudge, excitement, affection, iniquity, repellence, averseness, incompatibility, friction, villainy, virulence, animus, enmity, hard feelings, curse, asperity, contrariety, antipathy, cattiness, sadness, militancy.

benefit, acceptance, tolerance, blessing, worship, delight, liking, treat, approval, relish, passion, desire, joy, fondness, gratification, adoration, admiration, veneration, appetite, taste, inclination, satisfaction, devotion, enjoyment, love, esteem, affection, appreciation.

Examples of usage:

1) Our hatred of the creature entirely vanished. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) Peter's hatred of him grew more intense week by week; some days after Mid- Term, it had swollen into a passion. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

3) The sudden assurance of his hatred reminded him of the thing that his grandfather had said about the Westcotts ... - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.