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Spell check of fancy

Correct spelling: fancy

meet, choose, fondness, regard, caprice, baroque, favor, busy, expect, check, go for, crenelated, tenderness, phantasy, passion, construe, ornate, escort, high-sounding, steep, contrive, crenellate, take to, consider, like, adopt, decide, imaginativeness, understand, flightiness, insane, covet, gaudy, embellished, florid, hallucination, hope, eloquent, learn, daydream, slick, sumptuous, bombastic, come across, overextravagant, plan, rococo, ascertain, imagine, enter, gingerbread, long, splashy, see, extreme, inordinate, intolerable, take in, propose, deception, liking, indented, cipher, witness, lovingness, bloated, dream, visualize, grandiloquent, encounter, project, select, ritzy, realize, snappy, immoderate, megrim, vagary, fluctuation, head game, fashionable, go steady, extravagant, externalise, quaint, send off, desire, inflated, lofty, run across, visualise, mind, take care, envision, indecisiveness, complex, exorbitant, welcome, castled, smart, conceive, crenelate, hunger, crowning, unconscionable, forecast, go through, espouse, phantasma, get word, amorousness, need, picturesque, crenellated, partiality, reverie, figure, boutade, suppose, assume, dashing, fiction, day-dream, fickleness, partisanship, resplendent, cypher, decorous, churrigueresque, swank, delusion, will, philia, opulent, look, visit, plethoric, experience, cast, jut, jut out, show, externalize, interpret, towering, trance, examine, damascened, rakish, crackle, wish, magic, run into, coordinated, go out, battlemented, sophisticated, find out, intricate, changeability, thirst, ostentatious, flamboyant, compute, design, fanciful, puff, unusual, deluxe, try for, volatility, lust, fussy, vermiculated, whimsy, figment, puffed, undue, stylish, modal, picture, chic, elaborate, gilded, trick, voluble, get wind, conjuration, ensure, see to it, fantasy, dapper, affection, rich, impulse, choice, pick, itch, pick up, real, freak, refined, crave, hanker, conventional, stick out, prefer, legerdemain, magic trick, vermiculate, hear, romance, involved, phantasm, foresee, discover, conceit, up-to-date, damask, enriching, throw, watch, attend, warmness, excellent, overweening, heart, estimate, lacy, embattled, render, consent, tony, semblance, thaumaturgy, insure, grasp, damascene, imagination, elegant, apply, stiff, calculate, adorned, randomness, ornamental, devilish, affectionateness, depict, fleetingness, churrigueresco, conjuring trick, arbitrariness, castellated, warmth, whim, lacelike, yearn, unmerciful, vermicular, detailed, highfalutin, lavish, superior, vacillation, protrude, rhetorical, decorative, realise, reckon, judge, aureate, control, chichi, conjecture, impulsiveness, determine, dressy, vision, luxuriant, decorated, count on, pine, catch, warmheartedness, love, ponderous, assure, illusion, notion, date, work out, fancifulness, vogue, pretty, hold, adorning, humor, get a line, pleasure, elect, overdue, bee, accept, find, view, flowery, want, showy, complicated, overmuch, image, natty, garnished, fitfulness.

featureless, stark, uncomplicated, dry, middling, trim, literal, chaste, unadorned, unsophisticated, temperate, no-frills, plain-vanilla, reality, unelaborate, reasonable, substance, fact, minimum, bald, inadequate, plain, tailored, mere, bare, simple, certainty, verity, stern, unvarnished, vanilla, modest, severe, realization, inelaborate, undecorated, moderate, insufficient, deficient, homely, minimal, austere.

Examples of usage:

1) It was a fancy of his that he wrote better than he talked. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) Well, I don't fancy he has. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

3) I fancy so; but, in truth, I never asked. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.