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Spell check of encouraging

Correct spelling: encouraging

briefing, warning, fostering, helping, provoking, consoling, inducing, expediting, comforting, hastening, lucky, utopian, hurling, satisfying, likely, guiding, enlivening, advancing, prompting, favorable, suggesting, gladdening, exhortatory, supporting, promotive, impelling, poking, enticing, stimulating, magnetizing, inspiring, fair, promoting, striking, help, jostling, roseate, forcing, rosy, aiding, cheering, propelling, reassuring, knocking, pleasing, informing, golden, hortative, auspicious, bumping, heartening, relieving, pushing, attending, favourable, moving, serving, load-bearing, heaving, instigating, endowing, assisting, recommending, hopeful, shooting, gratifying, ministering, prodding, counseling, hortatory, advising, sustaining, firing, upbeat, exhortative, cautioning, inspiriting, pitching, promising, rewarding, goading, supportive, rose-colored, conferring, jolting, urging, lightening, motivating, admonishing, fermenting, fulfilling, optimistic, propitious, jerking, launching, rallying, driving, directing, energizing, hurtling, easing, prosperous, consulting, thrusting, funding, shoving, bright, tending.

discomforting, disastrous, ill-boding, unkind, doubtful, minatory, miserable, dubious, desperate, negative, intimidating, sinister, hopeless, dreary, bleak, futureless, ruinous, unpropitious, dismaying, unlucky, unfavorable, cold, gray, catastrophic, doomy, saddening, downbeat, demoralising, daunting, gloomy, threatening, fatal, disturbing, dim, funereal, glum, unlikely, unloving, displeasing, upsetting, dismal, heartbreaking, wretched, dispiriting, discouraging, baleful, unfeeling, bearish, unpleasant, disheartening, menacing, demoralizing, dire, disconcerting, portentous, unencouraging, foreboding, dark, calamitous, grim, dissatisfying, ill, depressing, uncertain, unhappy, inauspicious, comfortless, heartrending, pessimistic, unfortunate, frustrating, unpromising, unsupportive, disappointing, unfriendly, cheerless, direful, ominous, distressing.

Examples of usage:

1) Signs of seal and bear, however, were encouraging to us as possible future food supply. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) The drift had carried us too far east, but our advance was encouraging. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) This was encouraging, considering I hadn't any idea what I had said. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.