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Spell check of apostolic

Correct spelling: apostolic

apostolical, Papal, confess, overblown, evangelist, Catholicism, portentous, religion, Father, grandiloquent, disciple, altar boy, the Holy Ghost, bull, Christ, Anglo-Catholic, Catholic, His, pontifical, apostle, missionary, conclave, He, episcopal, Him, confession, pompous.

Examples of usage:

1) Peter now felt that John was a worthier leader of the Apostolic Church than he himself could hope to be. - "The Making of an Apostle", R. J. Campbell.

2) An apostolic smile revealed his gold- filled teeth. - "The Greater Inclination", Edith Wharton.

3) These miracles, though themselves unvouched by any reliable testimony, and disbelieved by the people amongst whom they were worked, are strong evidence in favor of the apostolic character claimed for Peter. - "Theological Essays", Charles Bradlaugh.