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Spell check of father

Correct spelling: father

relation, artificial insemination, procreate, friar, minister, fathers, archbishop, let, find, gravel, architect, commence, daddy, ecclesiastic, branch, establisher, prophet, develop, laminitis, priest, start out, deadbeat dad, evangelist, family, give, make, kinfolk, papa, foremother, progenitor, administrator, cleric, initiate, originator, obtain, He, Everlasting, set out, build, family tree, martyr, found, tiro, executrix, nephew, instituter, return, elder, lineage, stick, ancestry, Eternal, begin, publisher, fertilise, overprotect, take, protoplast, fatherhood, yield, fetch, vicar, get under one's skin, patriarch, set about, cousin, canon, have, stupefy, Jehovah, assisted reproduction, acquire, grandfather, composer, church father, engender, consanguinity, procreator, Christ, spawn, fix, preceptor, beginner, forebearer, clan, bugger off, mother, nonplus, manufacture, cause, convey, relative, the Holy Ghost, motherhood, inventor, Providence, birth parent, start, inaugurator, come, missionary, induce, hermit, grow, Allah, forebear, Him, invent, beat, descendant, kin, receive, pater, tyro, executor, apostle, birth father, produce, impresario, sister, dean, flummox, entrepreneur, pay back, begetter, apostolic, blood, puzzle, creator, bring forth, paternity, bishop, original, Father-God, precede, generate, descent, experience, cardinal, go, forbear, abbess, amaze, baffle, engenderer, producer, drive, dad, pastor, author, Divinity, founder, prioress, rector, form, bewilder, bishopric, disciple, Almighty, primogenitor, male parent, nun, draw, render, director, archetype, dumbfound, fraternity, curate, aunt, fabricator, His, commentator, novice, pappy, kinship, fabricate, predecessor, archdeacon, vex, prototype, originate, become, canoness, pay off, create, stimulate, birth mother, generator, supporter, sustain, sire, Lord, flesh, breed, antecedents, brother, fuss, Supreme Being, empty nester, clergyman, buzz off, conceive, pope, parson, archpriest, pa, Yahweh, sky pilot, Godhead, prelate, maker, maternity, initiator, founding father, perplex, pilgrim, uncle, execute, arrive, sisterhood, cultivate, forefather, ancestor, mystify, manufacturer, bring, fertilize, get down, old man, ascendant, niece, master, military chaplain, construct, reverend, parent, prior, responsibility, custodial parent, abbot, brotherhood, scram, capture, incur, pose, monk, fertilization, antecedent, archbishopric, the Archbishop of Canterbury, pop, Padre, conception, contract, preacher, catch, don, arrest, suffer, chaplain, get, aim, beget, heredity, sponsor.

seed, posterity, supporter, student, family, children, scion, progeny, son, stock, descendant, offspring, follower, pupil, inheritor, heir, successor, female parent, disciple, lineage, mother, issue, daughter.

Examples of usage:

1) And I for you, father. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) What is your father? - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

3) Shall I go for father? - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.